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Mar 28 2013

It Pays to Say ‘Hi’

by Nicole Roser


Who wouldn’t want to say ‘HI’ to these smiling faces?


If you ever live in a residence hall on Eastern Michigan University’s campus you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible. The minute you walk into your residence hall you will be passing the front desk where I work as an office assistant. We are all extremely friendly and our job is to pamper you with the luxury of having board games, kitchen gear, cleaning equipment, garbage bags, and even free toilet paper whenever you ask for it. You will have your mail sorted and put into your own personal mail box shared between you and your roommate.


We are also great company. The front desk enjoys having people stop by and visit with us. The front desk of every residence hall is covered in flyers and information which will be beneficial for students who want to be more involved. The front desk also has a lost and found. So if you ever lose anything in your residence hall you will know where to find it! I suggest familiarizing yourself with the opportunities at the front desk and get to know your office assistants and office manager when you move into a residence hall. You should even consider applying to become an office assistant when you move into your residence hall. It’s an amazing job and I would suggest it to anyone.


  1. I’m sad to see that Eagle Temps was not mentioned! I work in the University Advising and Career Development Center and it is the best place to be! Everyone is so nice! I look forward to going to work everyday!

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