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Feb 20 2019

Interesting Undergraduate Classes to Take

by blogemu

Science Complex Planetarium

Every undergrad needs a couple of fun classes thrown in the mix of all the rough stuff we go through. Do you need to fill a couple of credit hours? Want to take a fun and unique class? Here are a few of my favorite undergraduate classes I have taken that were both beneficial AND fun!
Drama and Play (CTAR 222): Drama and Play is exactly what it sounds like…play! I took my class with Mark Isler, and it was by far my favorite class I have had here at Eastern. In addition to playing tons of fun games, he explained the importance of play in day-to-day life. Having fun is healthy, and Mark genuinely cared about our wellbeing and about our class! If you need more convincing, it counts as an Art GenEd requirement!
Intro to Philosophy (PHIL 100): Though Philosophy doesn’t sound like it would be all that fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Our class was very discussion based, and we got to debate tons of philosophical topics. It also fulfills a GenEd requirement.
Exploration of the Universe (ASTR 105): Have you ever wondered what was in that big, giant ball in the Science Complex? Turns out, it is the EMU Planetarium and that is where this class is held! Fulfill a science GenEd requirement while searching the stars and learning all about our universe, which is massive! My favorite part of this class was the days we got to recline in our chairs and watch the stars move above us. It’s truly something amazing!
Harry Potter: Literary Allusion, Children’s Literature & Popular Culture (CHL 137): Though I have never personally taken this class, I know SO many people who have and loved it! The whole class is based on the Harry Potter series and uncovering the meanings in the books and other pop culture staples! If you are a fan of the books, there is no doubt this class is for you!
Ballet Fundamentals for Non-Majors (DANC 100): This is a super fun way to fulfill an Art GenEd requirement as well as learn something new! Ballet helps strengthen your body and is very interesting and fun to take with your friends. If you are looking for a class that is multi-purpose, Ballet may be the way to go!
Of course, I’m sure EMU has so many fun classes available to students, but these are some that I personally found super unique and also fulfill some GenEd requirements! Good luck, we hope you enjoy!

About the writer:
Hey everyone!  I’m Sami, and I’m a junior here at Eastern!  My majors are both marketing and communication, and in my free time, I work as a photographer and for the Detroit Tigers on their Energy Squad!  

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