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Sep 19 2013

If You Had Told Me…

by blogemu

Chelsea and Austin


If there’s one thing that my time at Eastern has taught me, it’s that I’m capable of way more then I ever thought I was. When I was in high school I was by no means “popular,” in fact I only had a hand full of friends. There were times where I was made fun of, bullied, and I even ate lunch in the stairwell alone a few times. Coming to Eastern was a given for me because very few people from my high school were planning on coming here (sucks for them, lucky for me). When I arrived to this beautiful campus for Freshman move-in 4 years ago , I never would have thought that I would play Club Soccer for EMU, join my beloved sorority Delta Zeta and meet women who inspire me to be better every single day. Nor did I think that I would become a tour guide through the Admissions Welcome Center and discover a fascination and passion for Admission that would inspire me to pursue this as a future career. Lastly I never thought that I would serve as an NSOA and a member of O-TEAM and have the most life changing experience of my life to date, and I most certainly didn’t think that I would ever run for Homecoming court with my wonderful friend, Austin Hays. If someone had gone up to me while I was eating my lunch alone in the stairwell of my High School with no friends and told me that when I came to Eastern all of these amazing things were going to happen to me, I would have laughed in their face. To me running for Homecoming court means so much more than winning a title, it means a chance to give something small back to a University that has already given so much to me. I absolutely love this University and Austin and I would truly appreciate your votes. It’s not too late to log onto your my.emich.edu and vote for Austin Hays and Chelsea Vincent. It has been such an enjoyable and honorable experience thus far, and I cannot wait for the pep rally and Homecoming game this Saturday! Go Eagles! Beat Ball State! 🙂


(Any candidate that would like to submit a blog post about why they are running for Homecoming Court can send their post to kristine@hunchfree.com)

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