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Oct 30 2012

How to Dress Appropriately for Fall

by Ashley Biggs

Summer is officially over and it’s time to put away the sandals, shorts and sundresses! As a college student you may think; What kind of clothes can I wear on campus? The weather is always changing, so you never know if you have on too much or not enough. I will list a few tips to help you with your fall wardrobe, so you can be fashionable and warm! The first thing you should do before you get your clothes ready is check the weather. Michigan weather is very unpredictable, so you would never want to be under or over dressed for class!

  1. Layers, Layers, and more Layers! You can never go wrong when layering your clothes. It allows you to dress for all types of weather. Wearing a nice jean jacket, sweater, or hoodie over a short sleeved shirt will allow you to stay warm on a windy day. This will also allow you to stay cool once you arrive to class, or if you get a little warm walking across campus!
  2. Bring out the Boots! Since the summer is now over, sandals are out and fall boots are now available. Boots are a great accessory to a fashionable fall wardrobe. Not only do they add a little flare to your outfit, they keep your feet warm as well! Closed toe shoes are always great too as it gets colder.

Fall is a prime season for fashion, and as a college student you always want to be prepared for all types of weather and still show your fashion sense. It may be extremely cold when you arrive for class and warm by the time you leave! Make sure you are prepared when making your commute across campus! Remember accessories are always a great way to dress up any outfit you may put on!

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