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Dec 02 2012

Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone: Hijab Day 2012

by Toni Jarnigin

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 was Hijab Day on campus. On Hijab Day, women are invited to wear the Muslim head scarf, called a Hijab. While wearing the Hijab, women would be able to experience a part of what the women practicing the Muslim religion experience every day. Along with wearing the Hijab, the women are required to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. They also could not smoke or drink alcohol while doing the experiment. All of these requirements are what the women practicing the Muslim religion have to follow every day. At the end of the day at 7pm, everyone that participated in the experiment met up and reflected on the day.

Before I go into my experience with Hijab Day, I will give a little history and background information about Hijab. The Hijab is the Muslim head scarf that is worn to show purity. The Hijab is a symbol of strength, focus and cleanliness. Women who wear the Hijab are saving themselves for after marriage. They are pure, and have never been touched by a man. The Hijab is not just worn by a women practicing the Muslim religion. Any women can choose to stay pure and wear a Hijab.

Participating in Hijab Day was very interesting and unique experience for me. Right when I put the Hijab on I instantly started to worry about what people would think about me. I can only imagine what goes through women who always wear the Hijab minds. I also noticed that people looked at me more than usual. A lot of people stared at me with odd faces. Wearing the Hijab game a perspective on life that I never would have been able to see. I go through life worrying about how my hair looks and if I look just right. Wearing the Hijab allowed me to just be myself and not worry about how I look to other people. It was really nice and relieving knowing that I wasn’t being judged by how I did my hair.

The reflection at the end of the day was also very informative. I got to hear a lot of stories from Muslim women about what they experienced every day and how they deal with some of the struggles and judgments that they go through. I also got to hear stories about what some of the other women that participated in the event went through. Most of the stories related to mine. Hijab was a great experience and I will definitely participate again in the future.

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