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May 01 2017

Here’s the No. 1 tip for a smooth transfer to EMU

by blogemu

Planning for a smooth transfer to EMU’s College of Business can make it easier to get a 4-year college degree.

Here’s the No. 1 tip for a smooth transfer to EMU




That’s the main thing to keep in mind for making a smooth transition from community college to Eastern Michigan University. There’s a lot that goes into transferring from one school to another, and it can be complicated. But by planning and taking the following steps, you can transfer seamlessly to EMU – saving time and money on your degree.


*Meet with an advisor at your current school to make sure the courses you’re taking will transfer. Don’t assume that a community college course with the same name as a university course will automatically transfer. Talk to somebody early to avoid any surprises.


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*Ask about your school’s articulation agreement with EMU. We have agreements with community colleges throughout Michigan and Ohio to accept more than just general education credits. You can actually start work on your major before coming to EMU, and in some cases you can complete up to two-thirds of your bachelor’s degree in community college. That will save you money.


*Make an appointment to visit the EMU College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center. It’s basically a one-stop shop for everything you need to make a smooth transfer. We can explain the transfer agreements we have with community colleges and guide you down the right path. Because every student is unique, so is every path. We’re here to help.


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“Students can come over a year in advance and meet with one of our advisors in the College of Business and go over exactly what their career plans are and what their options are. Eastern is committed to transfer students. You’re not just a number here. You can come in and meet with a lot of people who care about you and want to help you through the process.” –Colleen Kibin, Assistant Director of Community College Relations at EMU


*Apply early. With rolling admissions at EMU, you can apply at any time and be considered for the next semester. It’s never too late – or too early. You can apply a year in advance to ensure you transfer smoothly and can get into the classes you need. That’s especially important for students who need to take classes at night, on the weekends or online. You can apply right now.


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