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Dec 22 2017

Veggin’ out on Campus: A How-To Guide

by blogemu


College is a balancing act and if you’re lucky, you don’t fall on your face.


Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to not only your physical wellbeing but your mental and emotional health as well.


Now I know what you’re thinking: “how in the world am I supposed to balance classes, work, a social life, and a healthy lifestyle all while on a budget?” Take it from a fellow student and vegan, eating healthy or having a special diet does not have to break the bank.


For starters, take a good look around you. Though you may have to do some digging, realize that you’re surrounded by a vegan food gold mine!


Take advantage of the many options at the Student Center food court. If you’re craving something hearty, there’s nothing like a classic burger and fries to hit the spot!


Go to Smashburger and order the black bean avocado ranch burger without the cheese and ranch (you can always ask for ketchup or barbecue sauce). If you want something healthier and lighter, try out the Hasty Rabbit for sushi and salads.


If the options at the Student Center aren’t your thing, try out the Eastern Eateries for more variety. If you’re in a sandwich mood, take a visit to Create Chop’d & Wrapped to create veggie wraps and sandwiches.


If you’re craving pizza, and I mean who doesn’t, take a stroll over to 2Mato to create a pizza with delicious veggies and sauces. Or if you want to be fancy with it, bring your own vegan cheeses to spread on your pizza to melt it.


Eating healthy or having a specialty diet doesn’t always mean eating only organic fruits, working out often, and drinking green juices. It’s a mentality. If you try to eat as best as you can and utilize some of the great options around you, than it counts for something.







Imani Hassan is a senior at Eastern Michigan University. She is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Creative Writing. In her free time, Imani loves to blog, bake delicious vegan recipes, sing and write songs, and travel to new places.

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