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Sep 18 2012

Feeling a Little Under The Weather?

by Misty Sparrow

With the beginning of the semester, there comes many things. There are many students, many professors, many friends, many classes and … many germs.

It’s something that is bound to happen. You will get sick on campus. But if you are ever feeling a little ill here at EMU, here are some tips for you!

  1. Stock up on meds and cough drops: The Lobby shop and the Crossroads Marketplace both have travel size medicines that you can stock up on. And you can even use your E-dollars or Flex!
  2. Drink lots of tea and eat lots of soup: How often do your parents tell you to eat and drink warm things when your sick? It really does make you feel better! Many of our dining options on campus offer you some warm yummies to eat!
  3. Rest up: Sometimes it’s better to stay in your bed and rest than to go to class and get others sick. If it’s a class you can miss, email your professor and then a friend to get the notes.
  4. Visit Snow Health Center: We have a health clinic on our campus with real doctors and nurse practitioners available to students. There’s also a pharmacy that you can utilize if you have to get a prescription.

Remember it’s always important to take care of yourself. If you’re ever feeling sick, keep calm and carry on.

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