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Mar 09 2015

Education Minute Monday

by blogemu

“Education Minute Monday” is a new weekly feature from EMU faculty experts. It offers educational advice to help parents complement and extend the learning their children receive in school at home or on the go. All accompanying cartoons are never-been-published originals from EMU alumnus and nationally syndicated cartoonist David Coverly, “Speed Bump”.


Our first featured Education Minute Monday was entitled “Cook Up Fractions!”

Eastern Michigan University Education Minute

Eastern Michigan University Education Minute

“To help your child learn about math, it may be time to do some cooking. Joan D’Amico’s book, The Math Chef, includes more than 60 activities to engage your child. Recipes include a waffle recipe to teach fractions, as the circular waffle can be cut into halves, thirds or quarters. The book includes activities on measurement, such as making a potato recipe to learn the difference between the metric and English system of measurement. The recipes are healthy, too, providing a nutrition lesson.”


New comics will go up weekly on the EMU Facebook page.

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