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Aug 10 2012

Eastern Excursions!

by Michelle Carter

Have you ever wanted to go see a Musical in Detroit? Or go to Halloweekends at Cedar Point? Well Eastern Excursions are your key to getting there!

Every school year, Campus Life does fun trips to different places around the Michigan and Ohio area. The neat thing about the excursions is that they are reduced prices for EMU students. For example, going to Halloweekends for a normal public admission would cost about $60, where for EMU students it’s only $35! WOW!

Also there is a bus to get there and back provided for students. They also do trips to various places in Detroit, including trips to see Musicals at the Detroit Opera House and some others too.

I got to see Les Miserable when I was a freshman (which happens to be my favorite musical ever)! I also went on an Eastern Excursion to the Detroit Institute of Art and Holocaust Museums. We got transported there and back, with a lunch and it was only a whopping $10!

That is a great deal if I do say so myself. On top of the fact that it was a blast going to these two museums, it was also very educational. I learned a lot about a few different cultures around the world and art pieces. I hope that this blog convinces you to go to some Eastern Excursions in your time here at EMU!


  1. Fantastic video! I just hope the talks to bring it back will work soon, because it’s a shame to rob the world from Michigan awesomeness!

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