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Oct 09 2012

Dorm Hunters: (Part 1) Get Wisdom in Wise

by Andre Moses

So, you’re finally a sophomore here at EMU. The freedom and choice to live wherever you would like on or off campus has been opened to you. So many choices right? Don’t fear young eagle. This series of blogs will highlight some of the many choices upperclassmen students can live in. Take some notes. Today, I’m going to give you some wisdom about Wise Hall.


  1. Wise is a residence hall for all class levels, from freshmen to seniors.
  2. This is one of our cheaper residence halls on campus.  Save a few bucks by living here.
  3. Instead of having bathrooms within each suite, you share a bathroom with the entire floor, better known as a community bathroom.
  4. Wise consists of double rooms, so you would have a roommate.

Hall Highlights:

  1. Location. Wise is right across from The Eateries and behind The Commons, two of our cafeterias on campus.
  2. Price. Again, if you need to save some money, Wise is the cheapest option for upperclassmen.
  3. Bathroom. Since it’s not your personal bathroom, the cleaning staff cleans the community bathroom. You don’t have to clean your bathroom at all. Enough said.
  4. Roommate. Couldn’t get enough of having a roommate freshman year? You can have one again, and make another friend while you’re living on campus.
  5. Never leave. For some students, having to go home during holiday breaks is a hassle, or they just don’t want to go because it feels so home-like on campus. Wise does not close during breaks, so feel free to stay on campus.

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