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Nov 12 2012

"Don’t Ask Me…Ask Google"

by Marshall Averill

It is 2012, and one of the most influential pieces of technology today is one that anybody with internet access can use, the Google Search. Fifty years ago when you wanted information on a technical topic your best bet was to head to the library and start doing research. And, if you needed more basic, everyday information, you probably would just ask your friends and family members. Today both of those options are very useful, but as I like to tell my friends, don’t ask me, ask Google. The most useful skill that I’ve learned in my four years as a college student is how to use Google with razor like precision. Knowing what to type into the search box can greatly increase the likelihood that you will get the results you need and can literally shave hours off of the time you spend researching.

The best thing about knowing how to effectively use a Google search is, that it is no longer a skill that can only be used while you are sitting at your computer. With the explosion of smartphones, you can Google just about anything within a moments notice. According to an TechCrunch.com article, nearly half of all Americans have a smartphone, and chances are those that don’t have a smart phone, have a friend that does.

Now, armed with the ability to quickly and effectively find the answer to almost any question with a Google search, and the handy dandy smartphone, you should have no reason to ever leave a conversation with an unanswered trivia question.

One last thing. Google can also give directions, and smartphones have GPS. Stop giving people turn-by-turn directions to your house, I’d be willing to bet that their phone will give the same, if not better directions. Well, assuming of course that they don’t have the iPhone5.

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