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Jul 02 2013

Chocolate chip, Snickerdoodle, Peanutbutter….Do I Have Your Attention Now?

by blogemu

Written By: Amberle Heath
Who doesn’t like cookies? Warm, fresh from the oven, with a perfectly soft center and perfectly lightly crisped edges cookies…admit it, we all love and dream about these delectable edibles.


I am no different. Would you believe that you don’t have to go home and bake cookies on your own to get that mouthwatering, comfort food experience? Believe, because it’s true.
Insomnia Cookies, located in Ypsilanti at 733 West Cross St., is open in the afternoon, and close in the wee hours of the morning (usually 3:00am). You can get freshly made chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, or sugar cookies at 2:00 in the morning if you wanted to; and you NEVER have to leave your apartment or dorm to get them!
Not only can you visit them in the store and bring home amazing, perfect every single time, delicious cookies, but they also DELIVER. Yes, the nirvana of all cookie businesses delivers them right to your door, be it in a dorm, a classroom, off-campus apartments, or anywhere in-between. It’s easy and convenient. They have an online menu where you can check out what cookies they have in store, and order online by creating a user account.
Some tips for ordering online:

  • If you are having cookies delivered to you on campus, in the ‘NOTES’ section of your order, be sure to specify the building/classroom number (e.g., I had mine delivered to Pray Harrold 715) or dorm/room number, etc. It’s hard to find an ‘Ashley’ or a ‘Tom’ on a huge campus with only the generic school address to go on.
  • Write down the estimated delivery time and location. This way, if you’re not having them delivered to your dorm or home you are at the specified location on time and ready to get those warm, gooey cookies.
  • Pay with cash. In my opinion, paying with cash is not only easier, but more convenient and flexible; your order total generally includes tip, but almost every time I have given the delivery person more than what was specified, so give yourself room to be a little bit extra generous to your fellow-student delivery person. Payment via credit card is also an option.

Hopefully I have wet your appetite for cookies, and once again urge you to try Insomnia Cookies. I’ve already placed 5 separate orders. A lot of Eastern students work there so not only are you helping your fellow students, but you are supporting a fantastic business with quality customer service, quality product, and the best hours of any restaurant-type business in town.

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