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Jun 14 2019

Update: Renovation at the Rec

by blogemu

. The Rec/IM is excited to announce that in Fall 2019, the first phase of renovation will be complete. This phase includes floors three, four, and five. Returning students will be able to access the basketball, volleyball, and badminton courts … Continue reading

Jun 07 2019

Best Ways to Document Summer Memories

by blogemu

.“A picture says a thousand words”. Most millennials choose to document their outings with photographs. With the assortment of technology at your fingertips, you can document in a multitude of ways. From the camera that’s constantly at your fingertips (aka … Continue reading

May 31 2019

Top Ten Travel Tips

by blogemu

. “Where are we going for summer vacation this year” (asks every senior who just graduated high school and every college student when they go home)? Vacations are meant for traveling aren’t they? As you use that statement to persuade … Continue reading