EMU Blog

Nov 02 2012

The Great Pop Fiasco

by Sarah Orr

Anyone who knows me pretty well, or at least knows my dieting habits, realizes that I drink pop ALL the time. It’s my daily intake of caffeine needed to remain boosted with energy throughout my long days. Anyways, normally I will stop … Continue reading

Sep 25 2012

True Life: I’m Terrified of Geese

by Sarah Orr

With being such a natural-looking campus, such as the double ponds which both have beautiful, flowing fountains that never freeze or the gorgeous shrubbery which surrounds University Park, Eastern Michigan University attracts the natural wildlife. There is quite a squirrel … Continue reading

Sep 21 2012

True Life: I’m a Chemistry Nerd

by Sarah Orr

Personally, none of the other sciences appeal to me, except one: Chemistry! Perhaps, it was the ease in which I memorized specific elements, the top thrill, mind blowing labs or because I caught on fast and ended the class with … Continue reading