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Jan 25 2013

Around $20 Adventures: Ice Skating Edition

by Sarah Orr

Are you a college student? Are you broke? Do you enjoy adventures? Good, because so do I. I mean who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure for $20 or less? Between the stresses of friendships, work, school, relationships, and … Continue reading

Jan 16 2013

True Life: I Visited a Reptile Zoo

by Sarah Orr

Reptile Stew: (All included) 4 servings of Caiman crocodiles 3 servings of Rhinoceros Iguanas 3 servings of Crocodile Monitors 3 servings Caiman lizards 2 servings of flighted Red Macaws 2 servings Sulcata Tortoises 2 servings of Beaded Lizards 1 serving … Continue reading

Jan 15 2013

Fish Are Friends, Not Food!

by Sarah Orr

Have you decided to live on campus? Are you lonely and need a friend? Can you keep a fish alive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have some great news! Non-flesh eating fish are allowed … Continue reading