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Feb 14 2013

Cutest Couple on Campus

by Meredith Massman

Hugging     Kiss on the beak   Long walks on the desk   Kisses   Holding talons        

Feb 08 2013

Fun Winter Activities

by Jeffrey Carl

Tis the season to find fun winter activities to indulge in while you have some spare time. I find myself enjoying the snow that we receive in a variety of different ways. As a kid I would always be outside … Continue reading

Jan 16 2013

True Life: I Visited a Reptile Zoo

by Sarah Orr

Reptile Stew: (All included) 4 servings of Caiman crocodiles 3 servings of Rhinoceros Iguanas 3 servings of Crocodile Monitors 3 servings Caiman lizards 2 servings of flighted Red Macaws 2 servings Sulcata Tortoises 2 servings of Beaded Lizards 1 serving … Continue reading