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Sep 18 2012

Once Upon A Time, There Was An NSOA

by Krystal Bush

August 29, 2012 started a very special journey for me here at Eastern Michigan University. After spring interviews and summer BBQs, NSOA training had finally begun. To be an NSOA, or New Student Orientation Assistant, at EMU is a very … Continue reading

Jul 27 2012

My EMU Bucket List

by Krystal Bush

Recently, it hit me that I will really be starting my junior year of college this upcoming fall. If by some crazy miracle I graduate on time, this means that I am halfway done with my undergraduate career … and … Continue reading

Jul 23 2012

Thanks Andre!

by Krystal Bush

When I was younger, I aspired to be a lot of different things when I grew up: An interior designer, a basketball coach, a teacher, a bird and Oprah just to name a few. As time went by, and becoming … Continue reading