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Oct 03 2014

Kerri and Jared for Homecoming Court 2014

by blogemu

Kerri of Kerri’s Konsciousness is teaming up with Jared and making a run for homecoming court! Voting starts Sunday Oct. 5th, 2014. Do they have your vote?     (Any candidate that would like to submit a blog post or … Continue reading

Apr 16 2014

Kerri’s Konsciousness: Behind the Scenes Look

by blogemu

Kerri, from the Kerri’s Konsciousness video series, takes us behind the scenes. She shows us how she makes her videos, and some of the frequently asked questions that she has received. Kerri’s Konsciousness is a bi-weekly web video series by … Continue reading

Apr 09 2014

Kerri’s Konsciousness: Once an Eagle

by blogemu

EMU is here for our students and wish them nothing but success while they attend the University! There are many different tools that students can utilize if they find themselves needing help with their studies. Kerri shows us who to … Continue reading