EMU Blog

Apr 02 2013

The Happiest 5k on Earth!

by Katelyn Bono

  EMU offers many classes that educate students about leading a healthy lifestyle. Currently, I am in a class that is called Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle!! At first, I did not have the best attitude about the class. Then … Continue reading

Jan 30 2013

Campus Cooking

by Katelyn Bono

Have you ever had a craving for warm cookies and milk for your midnight snack? If you are anything like me, then you often have these cravings! I love to cook and bake and luckily for me there is a … Continue reading

Nov 09 2012

Running On Campus

by Katelyn Bono

Eastern Michigan University is considered by some of the students to be a hilly campus. For some students, they do not really like walking to class uphill. I agree! However, I am also very thankful for these hills because running … Continue reading