EMU Blog

Jul 09 2012

How To Get Along With Your Roommates

by Andre Moses

I’ve been living on campus for 2 years now here at Eastern, both years spent living with 3 other guys in Downing Hall. When I talk to friends who are just heading to college, their main terrifying fear is getting … Continue reading

Jul 02 2012

Job Hunting!

by Andre Moses

My freshman year here at EMU, I had a really hard time finding a job. Since I didn’t work in high school, my resume looked super sad and blank, so I figured no one would hire a guy with no … Continue reading

Jun 26 2012

Confessions of an Art Minor

by Andre Moses

So, you’re super creative, and have a knack for artistic talents, like painting, drawing and sculpture, but you don’t want to make that your entire focus at school? Try being an Art minor! This will give you a chance to … Continue reading