EMU Blog

Nov 23 2012

Project Runway: College Edition

by Andre Moses

For anyone who knows me, they know that I want to be a fashion designer…so bad. I have known what I’ve wanted to major in since I was a freshman in high school. When I found out that Eastern had … Continue reading

Oct 09 2012

Dorm Hunters: (Part 1) Get Wisdom in Wise

by Andre Moses

So, you’re finally a sophomore here at EMU. The freedom and choice to live wherever you would like on or off campus has been opened to you. So many choices right? Don’t fear young eagle. This series of blogs will … Continue reading

Jul 30 2012

The Moving In and Out Madness

by Andre Moses

With the new fall semester coming rapidly ahead for new and returning young Eagles, the thought on everyone’s mind is, “What stuff should I bring?” I remember before moving to EMU’s campus, I thought I would need the bare minimum, … Continue reading