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Jan 30 2013

Campus Cooking

by Katelyn Bono

Have you ever had a craving for warm cookies and milk for your midnight snack? If you are anything like me, then you often have these cravings! I love to cook and bake and luckily for me there is a kitchen in my residence hall. I am able to enjoy these great snacks by just going to the main floor and making that special craving.

Don’t worry is you do not have cooking supplies on campus. At the front desk of some residence halls, you can borrow the supplies with your state ID.

Here are just a few options of what you can cook in the kicthen:

  1. opcorn: Making popcorn on the stove hits the spot and is healthier than a bag of chips.
  2. Bake Cookies: Perfect time to bond with your roommates and invite the neighbors from down the hall to come share.
  3. Have a Pizza Party: Cook pizzas from scratch with pizza dough and have your friends over! Everyone can make their own pizza with different toppings.
  4. Enjoy a Home Cooked Meal at School: Make your favorite dinner from home, here on campus!
  5. Dessert to Share: Convenient to make desserts for a get together and everyone will be impressed that you were able to whip something together!

I hope you find this useful and will take advantage of the kitchen in your residence hall, or another resident hall near by. The residence halls that have kitchens include Downing and Buell.

Happy Cooking!

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