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Feb 06 2019

Black History Month: What it Means To Me Now

by blogemu

Source: The Stranger

Black History Month or African-American History Month is a celebration of some of the greatest heroes and events that have happened in the black community. In the United States, we celebrate Black History Month annually from February 1st to February 28th. Here at EMU plenty of events are taking place this month to celebrate, including the popular Unity Ball event put on by the Black Student Union happening January 31st, 2019 in the Student Center Ballroom. Black History Month is even celebrated in other countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom (That’s awesome!).
As a 22-year-old African American male, many of the individuals we celebrate this month were my heroes growing up and still are today. Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and Thurgood Marshall were revolutionaries in their time. The sacrifices they made and battles they fought are the only reason I’m writing this today.
As I’ve become older the appreciation I have for them becomes stronger. Ordinary people become extraordinary by standing behind righteous causes such as the Civil Rights Movement or the abolishment of slavery. From Harriet Tubman, who guided slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad to Rosa Parks, refusing to give up her seat on the bus – we’ve seen the power ordinary people have to do extraordinary things and spark change in an entire country.
As I type this today, we still are fighting the long fight of race and discrimination here in the United States. From being shot in the street by (bad) police officers, to facing discrimination at our workplace, we still have work to do. This is what this month means to me now that I’m an adult, that the work isn’t done and even though I’m an ordinary person I can help an be apart of an extraordinary movement that can benefit the future generations down the line. You reading this can help too! Going to discussions on campus and becoming more knowledgeable about issues is the first step to activating change.
To end on a happy note, I just saw an article the said the rate of black college graduates is at an all-time high. What a great thing to hear in my senior year here at EMU!

About the writer:
My name is Kevin Hillman and I am a Senior here at Eastern Michigan University. I am studying Public Relations and I really enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with friends.

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