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Jan 31 2018

Black History Month at EMU

by blogemu

One thing I love about Eastern Michigan University is that as a university Black History is celebrated all the time. Specifically, Black History Month events sponsored by the university start in January in order to get students prepared and in the mindset to remember and celebrate Black History Month in February.



This year campus began commemoration in January by hosting events that celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



By having events that remember MLK, and also remind us of his life and legacy, students are able to learn more about what his work actually meant and how it can apply to society today.



Some of the events that took place in January included keynote speakers, The Color of Drums put on by the Poetry Society at EMU, Community Conversations, and performances by Close-Up Theatre Troupes.



At these events the lives of African Americans and society as a whole are analyzed and portrayed in modern times providing insight into the progress that was made by many African Americans in American history, prominently including MLK.



Throughout the events that were held there was time for self-reflection by students and faculty about what MLK’s legacy meant, and how his principles of equality and love can be shown on our own campus.


One event that spoke to me personally was The Color of Drums put on by EMU’s Poetry Society. Throughout the show there were actors rushing in from stage left and people who were performing poetry rushing in from stage right. They both collided in center stage in an explosion of hot bars and emotional interpretation, it was magnificent.



There were also segments of the show that analyzed other stereotypes, such as though surrounding greek life and rape culture. Being apart of the show I watched a few skits and participated in even more. The controversial aspects and intense narratives of these pieces left a lasting impact on the students who attended.



Over all I felt as though the events that were held in January in order to prepare for and celebrate the upcoming Black History Month in February were insightful, educational, and thought provoking.



These pieces ultimately showed where our culture in American society has come while also showing different aspects of culture that we can all work on. Through these events, students were educated and their minds were opened. Once exposed to problems as well as solutions, I myself, found it hard not to take to heart what I was learning.



If you would like to get involved as well as celebrate and commemorate Black History Month there are lots of events on campus that you can attend. I have listed some of the events that will be offered below, and I hope that you will check them out.



Lastly I ask you this, what will you do this Black History Month to make a difference and celebrate MLK’s impact? I encourage you all to think about what action you can take to battle racism and show love to all. Every little bit helps. Happy Black History Month!


Mon Feb 5, 2018

Public Lecture on Mass Incarceration by Attorney Mark Fancher

From: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

McKenny Hall – Tower Room



Tue Feb 6, 2018

Liberation Theology, Economic Inequality, and Social Justice

From: 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Pray Harrold – 216



Sun Feb 11, 2018

EMU Unity Mural Paint Day

From: 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Bowen Field House


More events can be found here!





Marcus LaGuerre is a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University where is studying Simulation Animation and Gaming (SAG) as his major with a minor in Business Management. Marcus currently works as a Resident Assistant and part-time as a night watch assistant. He also does various jobs for EMU’S Street Team through the Marketing Department.

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