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Jan 25 2013

Around $20 Adventures: Ice Skating Edition

by Sarah Orr

Are you a college student? Are you broke? Do you enjoy adventures?

Good, because so do I. I mean who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure for $20 or less? Between the stresses of friendships, work, school, relationships, and family, everyone deserves a break at least once a month.

This month: Ice Skating! My roommates and I just went skating at Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit for just $20 a person! Here’s how we did it:

  1. Carpool together! We ended up taking two vehicles because we had seven people going. That would’ve been an uncomfortable forty minute ride squished in one car, but very humorous. Cost: $5 or less (around $3) for gas money.
  2. Parking. There are various locations surrounding downtown Detroit to park. It could be fairly cheap if you are demanding and willing to arrive early in order to hunt down a location. Cost: If you find $10 parking lot/5 people = only $2 per person!
  3. Dinner! Personally, I recommend a local downtown restaurant. We decided upon PizzaPapalis which serves delicious Chicago Style deep dish and thin crust pizza along with a variety of other great selections! Between the 7 of us we only demolished one deep dish pizza which is $22.30 total and our appetizer was a traditional garden salad which for family size is only $8.95, with a pitcher of water to share. $22.30+$8.95 = $31.25 / 7 = around $5 plus $1-$2 tip from everyone. So that is $7 for dinner in downtown Detroit, what a bargain!
  4. Saving the best for last: the Ice Skating! At Campus Martius Park they will provide ice or hockey skates for a rental fee of only $3 and it costs $7 admission to use the rink. That’s only $10 to enjoy the beautiful winter season skating alongside the people you care about! Not to mention you get to snap a photo or just take in the beauty of a snowy winter wonderland.

$3 + $2 + $7 + $10 = Only $22!!

Ice skating in a beautiful city with friends you’ll have for the rest of your life = PRICELESS!

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