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Aug 02 2017

An Alumni’s Experience

by blogemu

I never thought college would actually fly by as quickly as everyone said it would, but to my surprise, it did.


I did not get the normal “college experience” like most people, yet I regret absolutely nothing about my journey. College is a unique and challenging time for every individual who embarks on the experience and it’s so worth it.


I started out at a community college and then transferred to Eastern Michigan University. I chose EMU for many reasons. I was the 3rd generation to attend EMU from my family, it was close enough to my home that I could commute, and it was affordable.


Another bonus to EMU was the Public Relations program. Not many schools in Michigan actually have a PR program and I was so set on studying Public Relations that I knew EMU would be a great fit for my career goals.


The program is big enough to matter but small enough to where students matter in it. I had a very close relationship with all of my professors and was always able to go to them with questions and help applying for jobs, internships, and with my resume. I am forever grateful for the relationships with all of the PR professors and still keep in touch with them!


When I first started at EMU it was really hard to get involved and meet people, but once I started getting to know people from my program college life became more fun.


I joined the Public Relations Student Society of America which was a club aligning with the PR program that gave me access to so many resources that helped me gain experience in the field as well as internship opportunities and networking events to get me in the world of public relations.


Because of all of the hard work I put into my education and experience at EMU, I was able to land a job right out of college, and I am already moving up due to my experience and dedication to public relations.


I am forever grateful to the professors, faculty, and staff who poured into my education and experience during my time at EMU!




Lauren Houck is an EMU alumni. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations in December of 2016. While at EMU, Lauren was involved with the Public Relations Student Society of America and held the Vice President of special events and programs for EMU’s PRSSA chapter. Houck currently works in governmental relations.

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