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Jun 21 2018

Resource Spotlight: University Writing Center

by blogemu

With the end of the winter semester still fresh, the not-so-confident feeling of turning in a paper and anxiously awaiting your grade is probably easy to recall.


Without a little help proofreading, or even just a second opinion, submitting a paper can be pretty scary. Luckily, Eastern has you covered!

Unless you’ve never taken a campus tour (or an EMU writing class), you’ve probably at least heard of The University Writing Center.


But did you know that you don’t have to go all the way to Halle Library to get writing help?


The UWC has a satellite location in most of the main class buildings, including The College of Business. The following are all of the locations of the UWC satellites:


  • Halle Library (The University Writing Center and Academic Projects Center)
  • Pray Harrold Hall
  • The College of Business
  • Marshall
  • Sill Hall
  • Roosevelt Hall
  • Mark Jefferson Science Complex

(For more information on locations and fall semester hours, visit https://www.emich.edu/ccw/writing-center/contact.php)


Another fun fact about the UWC is that you can get help on more than just research papers and response essays.


Every type of major calls for some type of writing, so the UWC has consultants to help will all sorts of papers including technological reports, science lab analyses, poems and short stories, and presentation outlines.


The UWC even offers help with resumes and cover letters.


Guess what else?


You don’t even need to have a completed rough draft to stop by! The UWC appreciates that sometimes acting as a backboard to bounce ideas off of can be the most helpful service it can offer.


So, if you have an assignment but have no clue where to start, just come and talk it through with a consultant.


Going to the UWC seems pretty easy, right? Then why hasn’t everyone gone?


For a lot of people, the answer is a lack of one of two things: time or confidence.


Many people get so bogged down in work and life that they feel like they just don’t have the time. The nice thing about the UWC is that consultations are only a half an hour long, and you can either make an appointment or pop in unannounced.


And if you don’t have 30 minutes to spare, you can stop in for 10. There’s no obligation to stay for any amount of time, especially if you already have specific concerns for a consultant to pay attention to.


A lot of people also have concerns that their writing just isn’t good enough, and I certainly know how awkward it can be having someone silently reading your paper right next to you.


That lift of the reader’s eyebrows could mean that they really like what you have to say, but the writer usually assumes the opposite.


First, at the UWC, you can either read your paper aloud or ask your consultant to do it for you. There’s no waiting around for the final verdict!


Second, if you think you’re a terrible writer, the consultants don’t care. More often than not, someone who thinks their writing sucks is usually pretty good at it, but if not, the consultants are not there to judge – not while you’re there and not once you’ve left.


We’re there to help you grow as a writer, and we sure remember what our writing looked like before we got help.


So, when fall semester rolls around, feel comfortable stopping in at one of the UWC satellites at your convenience.


It’ll be a worthwhile experience and will likely raise the grade on your assignment. Just remember that our interest as consultants is helping you grow as a writer and making college just a little bit easier for you.


We look forward to seeing you this fall!


Reilly McGovern is a current EMU senior studying Creative Writing and Marketing. She works at the University Writing Center during the fall and winter semesters and works on her novels over the summer.



Jun 19 2018

COT Spotlight: Christine Franzen

by blogemu

Christine Franzen is a recent EMU graduate who followed her passion for art and animation to New York City, where she works as a projection designer for theater productions. As a projection designer, Christine is responsible for creating every video and image on set.

All her life, Christine has had a passion for drawing, animating and theater.


After acting in four performances at EMU, Christine decided to put her drawing and animating skills to use and assisted the projection designer on One Man, Two Guvnors. She went on to be the lead projection designer on Macbeth.


“Projection is interesting because you can take a small space and make it something totally different,” Christine said. “You can take the audience to an entirely different place.”


Her favorite production so far was “Me…Jane” which played at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.. “Me… Jane” is a musical for kids about the life of a young Jane Goodall.


“It accomplished what I love about projection the most. It wasn’t too much, it was the thread the guided the story along. I also loved the message to go follow your dream. I felt like I was a part of something bigger than just the show.”


Christine’s goal is to continue to make a name for herself in the world of projection design and get to a point where clients seek her out for work.


In her free time, she continues to develop her skills in graphite, colored pencil and digital art. Check out christinefranzen.com to see some of her incredible work.


This blog was brought to you by the college of technology.

Jun 13 2018

Dorm Room Hacks

by blogemu

So you’re moving into your new room in your residence hall, and you think to yourself, “What can I do to make this place feel more like home? What can I do to maximize space?” Well, don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered!


If possible, loft your bed.

If you can’t do this, raise your bed as much as you can and utilize that space for storage, or even bunk your beds. Pro tip: your dresser can fit underneath a raised bed, just be careful not to scratch the top of it!


Hang up some wall art.

You can buy these at stores like Target (and sometimes even the dollar store), or you can pain them yourself! There are several Paint And Pour programs throughout the year in the residence halls were you can keep the art you paint.


Command hooks are your friend.

Stick a couple on the back of your door to keep your keys so they don’t get lost. They are also great for hanging other wall decorations such as mirrors and paintings!


Use binder clips to organize your cords.

Just clip them to the side of your desk and there you go! It is an easy and quick way to find your cords when you need them.


Bring pictures from home and tape them up near your desk.

Having some reminders of home makes all the difference. 


Make sure you bring Lysol or Clorox wipes.

When one person gets sick on your floor, it’s a matter of time before you, your roommate, or a suitemate gets sick, too. It’s better to be safe than sorry and wipe everything down just in case.


You don’t have to bring everything with you.

Bed Bath and Beyond will be visiting campus during move-in weekend with a bunch of supplies for sale you might not have thought to bring.


This blog was brought to you by Housing and Residence Life.

Jun 07 2018

Eagle Discount Program Business of the Month – June: Got Burger!

by blogemu

Serving up some of Ypsilanti’s best burgers, this family owned and operated eatery may only be 3 years old, but they’ll be around for the long haul.


Got Burger offers a variety of dining options including an tasty chicken shawarma, chicken wings, an assortment of vegetarian options, and of course, burgers.



They offer 7 different burgers ranging from their own Got Burger to Bacon, Egg, and Cheese to the spicy Firehouse Burger.


All of their burgers can be made vegetarian by substituting the beef patty with a veggie patty or falafel. Or build your own!



Be a fungi and get the Portobello Bliss, or try why of their chicken sandwiches; Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch, Chicken Breast Sandwich, or my favorite, the Chicken Shawarma, made with sauteed onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and made in house hummus.



Home fries, cheese fries, chili fries, chili cheese fries, seasoned fries, and sweet potato fries, there’s no shortage of fry options.


Not feeling fries? Try their yummy onion rings or melty mozzarella sticks



Yummy wings fried wings tossed in your choice of flavor: Mild, Hot, Fire, Sweet BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Cajun, Garlic Parmesan, and Jamaican Jerk.


Hot Dogs:

They’ve got the Plain Jane for the more traditional folks, Chili Dog for the more adventurous, Chili Cheese for the extra adventurous, and he All-American Dog for the patriotic folks.


Got Burger is dedicated to providing their customers with delicious food made from quality ingredients. You can cool off on a hot summer day with one of five of their tasty fruit smoothies.


Located at 301 West Cross Street, Got Burger is only a 10 minute walk from campus. Enjoying the comfort of your apartment or residence hall? Then take advantage of Got Burger’s delivery service by ordering online or by phone.


Got Burger is a member of the Eagle Discount Program, providing a 10% discount to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni who show their Eastern ID.


With great food and friendly service, we are proud to promote Got Burger as June’s Eagle Discount Program Business of The Month!


Josh Young is a third year Marketing Major with concentrations in IMC and Sales and a Communication Minor. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and the Honors College.

May 29 2018

Things To Do In Ypsilanti

by blogemu

It’s summer and school is done for the year. What better way to celebrate the summer months than to experience all that Ypsilanti has to offer?


The best way to get a feel for the businesses and events in the Ypsilanti area is to go to any of the businesses in downtown or Depot Town during First Fridays.


First Fridays Ypsilanti takes place on the first Friday of every month and features free food, music, art, and other activities as a way to introduce newcomers to our unique city.  


Every Tuesday, between 3 to 7 Growing Hope hosts an outdoor Farmer’s Market at 16 S. Washington Street in downtown Ypsi. The downtown Farmer’s Market is a great place to get fresh fruits and vegetables during the warm summer months. The Farmer’s Market summer season lasts from May to October.


One of the most popular events in Ypsilanti is ElvisFest, which happens every July in Riverside Park, near Depot Town. ElvisFest is a celebration of the life and work of rock n’ roll star Elvis Presley, and is also a tribute to the great music, fashion, and culture of the 1950’s.


ElvisFest features Elvis impersonators performing some of the King of Rock’s most iconic hits, a classic car show displaying some of the most fashionable automobiles of the era, and also has great food and drinks. This year’s ElvisFest will take place July 6 and 7.


One of my personal favorite places to be at in Ypsi is Go! Ice Cream, located at 10 N. Washington Street in downtown Ypsilanti.


Go! Ice Cream is a locally owned ice cream shop that has unique handcrafted ice creams with flavors like Local Honey, Peanut Butter Sorbet, and my personal favorite, the Brûléed Banana Split. Yum! Go! Ice Cream is open Wednesday-Sunday from noon to 9 pm.


If you aren’t interested in parties, and simply want a quieter, reserved experience, then Ypsilanti still has you covered. The Michigan Firehouse Museum, located at 110. W. Cross Street, has a great collection of historic firefighting equipment.


Located inside the original 1898-built Ypsilanti Firehouse, it will give visitors an insight into the history of firefighting, and a look at firefighting in Ypsilanti. The Michigan Firehouse Museum is open Thursday-Sunday from 12-4.


Not too far from this museum, at 220 Huron St is the Ypsilanti Historical Museum, located in a historic house built in 1860. The museum has exhibits on Ypsi’s history and shows what life was like in the 19th century. The Ypsilanti Historical Museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 2 to 5.  

Ypsilanti’s biggest festival would have to be YpsiFest, which will take place August 24-26 this year.


This year’s festival will have music performances, the “Ring of Steel” aerialist/acrobatic troupe, food trucks, an Arts and Crafts competition where visitors can buy unique goods, museum tours, and a row of markets lined up on Cross Street.


YpsiFest is quite possibly the best way to celebrate everything great about our town. This year, it will take place in various areas around Depot Town, Frog Island Park, Riverside Park, and Cross Street.


Ypsilanti is always buzzing with activity, and there is definitely fun to be had during the summer months when school is out. If you are ever in Ypsi during the summer months, you should check out some of these events and places. Ypsi is the place to be!


Gary Simmons is a senior from Muskegon, Michigan who is majoring in both Journalism/Media Studies and Urban Planning. When he isn’t out promoting EMU/Ypsilanti with the Go Social! Team, he is either writing articles for the Eastern Echo, working on TV programs with EMU’s student-ran ETV station, or is making people laugh with Laugh-a-Minute Enterprises.

May 23 2018

Studying Abroad: Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising in Europe

by blogemu

Bonjour! Hallo!


These are just a few phrases you will have to learn if you would like to join some of the students in the Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising (ATM) department here at Eastern Michigan University as they travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Paris, France May 20 – May 29, 2018.


Through this study abroad opportunity, you will get to experience the global fashion markets of Amsterdam and Paris.

You will arrive in Amsterdam, via the group flight, and will visit key fashion and cultural sites such as: The Tilberg Textile Museum, Waalijk leather and shoe museum and the Ann Frank House.


In Paris, you will visit the Pierre Cardin Museum, the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and meet with a Paris fashion designer.


You will also get to attend a Parisian Galeries Lafayette Fashion Show and enjoy a special day tour of Versailles visiting the palace and gardens of Louis XIIV.


More highlights about the program can be found at ww.emich.edu/extended/travel/apa/index.php click “Programs” under the headline, “Study Abroad,” then choose “2018 Global Supply Chain Markets.”


This study abroad opportunity is open to all EMU students in good academic standing and guest students. Applicants must also be at least 18 years old at the time of travel.

Students can earn 1-3 credits from attending the trip. Said credits can fulfill the course ATM 279 (3 Credits) or ATM 277 (1 Credit).


The program fee is approximately $4100 with round trip airfare included (See program budget for a complete list of estimated costs). Financial aid and scholarships are available to help cover the costs as well.


You can find more information on national and EMU scholarships specifically for students that wish to study abroad at http://www.emich.edu/abroad/financialaid/scholarships.php


For any additional questions please contact instructors Julie Becker (jbecker2@emich.edu) and Holly Mosher (hmosher@emich.edu).

May 15 2018

Learn to Learn

by blogemu

I believe anyone is capable of doing absolutely anything. The only thing ever holding someone back however, is themselves. Thinking that there’s “just no way” you can pick up the guitar or learn to knit is what stops you. Not simply being inexperienced. But if you can learn how to teach yourself skills, you can do anything. Effective learning is a skill everyone can make use of.


When learning something new, it is important to remember that you most likely won’t be a professional at the skill you want to learn right away. No one is. Critiquing yourself and learning from your practice is what results in progress. After each session of practice, reflect on what could have gone better. Where did you make mistakes? What was the cause of those mistakes? Keep those things in mind in the next session and actively work on those areas.

Next, you need to simply stick to it. Tasks will become harder as you push yourself farther into your new discipline, and that’s okay. Understanding that it’s not supposed to be easy is crucial. The cycle of practice >reflect >progress will never really end. A professional in any field will never cease practicing their skill.


The final portion of effective learning is the drive to want what you’re leaning. If you’re passionate about something, the odds are you’ll be good at it if you genuinely try. If you don’t care to learn guitar, why would you want to blister your fingers for it?


Cody Ryan Martell is a senior at Eastern Michigan University. He is a photographer for the University Marketing department, a content director for Modern Animal Marketing, and a dog enthusiast. 

May 10 2018

Life as an EMU Grad Student

by blogemu

Hey fellow Eagles! Congrats on the end of another school year done and over with! It’s really quite an indescribable feeling not having to worry about HOMEWORK! That in itself is a break enough for you to capture your thoughts, breathe and relax in the sunshine. As summer approaches, being outside has been on my mind a lot lately, however, as a graduate student at EMU my summers have changed. In fact, a lot of my life has changed in merely just one semester. I bet you could relate, huh?


My name is Courtney Carroll, I graduated Eastern Michigan University in December 2017 with my Bachelors Degree in Communication and Public Relations. Prior to graduation, I was a part of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) at EMU and worked in the Marketing Office as a student intern, focusing on Social Media Marketing. As a 23 year-old EMU Grad, I was on the fence with my life after graduation. That was when I was offered the opportunity that would practically make my decision for me.


Be a Graduate Assistant in the Marketing Office





This opportunity lead me to a world of connections and resources that has better equip me with transitioning out of college and into the real world – when that time comes in just over a year.


Through studying Integrated Marketing Communications through the College of Business’ two-year online program, I have been able to work consistently throughout the week in the office with remaining time left in my days to do homework when I get home. I would have to say the best part is doing it all online. Although in undergrad online classes weren’t my favorite, I have grown to like the free-time and flexibility they have to offer. In addition, this has really allowed me to better manage my time to adjust to a full-time working schedule.

While I understand not everyone has the same experiences in graduate school, for me it has been quite a pleasure to interact with a variety of individuals who all have a very diverse background. Entering graduate school right after undergrad has to have been one of the best decision I have made thus far in my life. It has taught me that I am nowhere near ‘knowing everything’ and has provided me with the additional knowledge needed to succeed in marketing and social media.


If you are interested in learning more about the College of Business’s IMC Graduate Program, click here (link – https://www.emich.edu/cob/programs/imc/).


If you are interested in applying to graduate school at EMU and would like to know more about becoming a Graduate Assistant, click here (link – https://www.emich.edu/graduate/financial_assistance/assistantships.php)


Courtney Carroll is an EMU Alum who works as a Graduate Assistant in the Marketing Office. Specifically focusing on the University’s Instagram and Snapchat account, she also handles the GoSocial Team and the Swoop Mascot program. In her free time, she enjoys being outside with her dog Tucker or on the water soaking up the sun. Catch up with Courtney on Instagram & Twitter @courtneyjjayne

May 08 2018

College of Technology Student Highlight: Jessica Wilson

by blogemu

Now that her days at Eastern Michigan University are behind her, EMU alumna Jessica Wilson is jetting off to Los Angeles to protect the data of a tech giant that has taken the industry by storm.


With roots in Willis, Michigan, Jessica never had much interest in going into a tech field. Upon starting college at Washtenaw Community College (WCC), Jessica took general education courses in hopes that she may discover her passion along the way. During her time at WCC, she bounced around between business, engineering, HR and even medicine, but nothing seemed to be a good fit. It wasn’t until an advisor pointed her in the direction of EMU in 2013 that she discovered her true passion- information assurance.


“I love the idea of security being a puzzle,” said Jessica. “It’s constantly changing and evolving, and I love the challenge of having to evolve and grow to keep up.”


Constantly challenging herself to grow is nothing new to Jessica. Upon transferring to EMU in the fall of 2014, she joined the Information Assurance student organization on campus where quickly rose through the ranks and became president of the club.


With the IA club, Jessica planned and organized YOLOcon, the Ypsilanti Online Learning Opportunity conference. First held in 2016, YOLOcon was attended by 65 people and featured 12 different talks with five sponsors. In 2017, the attendance rose to 77 people with 23 different talks and 11 sponsors.


While pursuing her major in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense with a minor in Computer Engineering Technology, Jessica further distinguished herself from her classmates by earning several awards and scholarships. As the recipient of the Women Studying Information Security scholarship, Jessica was awarded financial aid as well as opportunities to attend security conferences in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.


Jessica’s passion for IA has also led her to become an advocate and a mentor for other women who are interested in pursuing a career in tech. She has been volunteering with Digital Diva’s since December 2015, which is an organization that connects middle and high school women with career opportunities in STEM fields. She also founded the Women in Information Assurance group in the winter of 2016 which is a support group for women in the IA field.


On her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM fields, Jessica noted that “Security is a puzzle that has to be solved and if you have a bunch of people who are like-minded they are going to try to solve the puzzle in a very similar way. If there’s diversity in the industry there’ll be many more perspectives to help solve that puzzle. If the attackers are thinking outside the box, we need to make sure that the defenders are doing that as well.”


To her success, Jessica said that “I just really pushed myself. I started in 2014, and I just never stopped. To women entering tech fields, speak up, and don’t be afraid.”


Her grit and determination has opened many career doors that otherwise would never have been unlocked. While enrolled at EMU, she spent time hacking medical equipment for Virta Labs, a startup in Ann Arbor that focuses on medical device security and identification. She also secured two internships with Snap Inc., where she worked as a security engineer on the corporate security team.


Jessica has accepted a full-time position with Snap Inc. in Venice, California upon graduating in December 2017. She is looking forward to working with Snap for the considerable future, but hopes to one day work for Google.


Jessica was an extraordinary member of the culture at EMU, and we couldn’t be more excited for her and her future. Great work, Jessica!



This blog was brought to you by the College of Technology.

May 02 2018

Healthy Eating 101

by blogemu

Eating healthy on campus can be hard but it definitely is doable. From making simple changes in your day-to-day eating habits to putting a little bit more thought into how you fuel your body, it’s something that can be done. Here are some simple tips and tricks to feeling better.


  • Always take the fruit. Just do it. It’s tasty and good for you, and it’s an easy swap from other high-calorie snacks. Fruit is easy available at the Marketplace, the Eateries, the Commons, and even Eagle Cafes.


  • Eat mindfully. Do you really need those Sour Patch Kids? Listen to what your body tells you.


  • Try eating whole food instead of processed junk. This means swapping fried chicken tenders for grilled chicken breasts. Remember – eating healthy does not equate to dieting.


  • Always keep an emergency granola bar in your backpack. This will prevent impulse eating junk. Additionally, if you are trying to save money by not spending extra money on snacks, this is a great way to do it.


  • Sneak protein into each meal to stay fuller for longer. This is not always meat products by the way; broccoli, for example, is a great source of protein! Other examples of protein can include items such as; quinoa, almonds, and cheese.


  • Don’t drink your calories. Ask for “lite” versions of your favorite drinks at Starbucks to save on a few calories.


  • Bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. This makes it easy to stay hydrated through the day as well as save additional plastic from entering a landfill!


  • Sometimes when you feel hungry you are actually thirsty. Try drinking 8oz of water to really test if you are hungry.


Remember: don’t beat yourself up if you slip, especially during stressful times during the semester.


This blog is brought to you by Housing and Residence Life.

Apr 24 2018

The “Real World” What to Expect After College

by blogemu

I think we all have an idea of where we want to be after we graduate from college. Some aren’t really sure; others are very calculated. The “real world” holds endless opportunities for the hopefuls who endure years of education for this: freedom.


For me, I knew I was to move across the country after my internship drew to a close at the end of the summer. Beyond that, nothing else was set in stone. The summer came and left me in the blink of an eye and before I knew it, I was packing up my entire life to move to Seattle.


Flash forward four months, and here I sit, still a hopeful who applies to every position possible and who goes out of her way to get interviews. The real world holds endless possibilities for those who embrace them, but here are some tips to take into consideration if things don’t go exactly as you might have hoped:


Not everything will go as planned I’m a very calculated person. I knew for four years that I would move to Washington State after college. I’m very punctual and I take pride in my organization. That being said, it’s a hard pill to swallow when things don’t work out. It’s better to know that not everything will go your way – that way the punches don’t seem so earth-shattering.


Don’t give up on your goals This sounds über cheesy, I know. Despite my stumbles along the way, I’ve never given up on my ideal career and life goals. At times, it will be hard to remain positive but it is imperative that you maintain a positive mindset and focus on what you can do to maintain your knowledge and continue to further it.


Learn to go with the flow This was a difficult one for me. As mentioned before, I’m very calculated. That being said, I used to be a person who didn’t adapt very well when something didn’t go as planned. Be an adaptable individual – if nothing else, I’ve learned that humans are endlessly susceptible to learning. Take the hiccups in your stride and keep your head up; it’s most important to remember that your journey is only just beginning.


You earn what you give – Don’t expect to be handed things after college. A perfect career or job will not fall into your lap (although that would be pretty great). You must always put forth your best effort and results will follow. Your world won’t change in the blink of an eye, but your hard work will eventually pay off.


Keep your chin up – It’s most frustrating when things don’t happen as you may have imagined but there is always a silver lining. You may not have secured the past few jobs you applied for but at least you practiced your interviewing skills. Think of a positive factor in every outcome – whether it be seemingly insignificant or monumental – you’re constantly lighting the pathway to the job you’re meant to have.


The “real world” is what you make it. There will be difficult times and there will be joyous ones. The most important thing is that you enjoy where you sit and your passion drives your next steps. Make the most of your youth and allow yourself to learn everything you possibly can. Who knows, we may see you on the covers of magazines one day.



Courtney Schultz is an EMU alum who holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications. She currently resides in the greater Seattle area. Contact Courtney via Twitter @cschulPR.

Apr 17 2018

Student Stories: How I Became A Filmmaker

by blogemu

How I discovered my passion for filmmaking is a pretty interesting story actually. It first started when I was a freshman in high school. I decided to take an elective film class just for fun. At first, I anticipated that it would be fun, but would have never expected to enjoy it as much as I did.

Fast forward to my senior year, and I was taking all film, art, and graphic design courses. At this point, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in film or media going in to college. Thanks to the unending guidance, support, and wisdom from my high school film teacher, I was really able to discover my true passion for filmmaking.


When I finally arrived at Eastern for my freshman year, I declared my EMFS major and ever since then, I have been having the time of my life getting to study what I love every single day. I have gotten the opportunity to work on many amazing video projects including President James Smith’s inauguration, EMU Homecoming events, and even TruEMU Night at Comerica Park all as part of my job within EMU Marketing.


The best advice I could give to someone following in my footsteps would be to just go for it. By this I mean, do not be afraid to get involved as much as possible and get your name out there. By getting involved, working hard, and making as many connections as possible, anything can happen.




Camren Clouthier is a Junior at EMU currently studying Electronic Media and Film Studies (EMFS). In his free time, Camren enjoys making short films, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends. Camren also works in the Marketing department at Eastern and serves as one of the university’s student videographers.


Apr 12 2018

Finals Study Tips

by blogemu

It may seem like we’ve all just began our fall semester of school but guess what, final exams are just around the corner!


Yes, final exams can be pretty tough because despite all the homework assignments and group projects you’ve done over the semester, your final exam plays a huge role in your overall grade. Even though finals are quickly approaching there is no need to stress!


I’ve come up with 5 great tips to help you study for your exams.


The first tip is PLAN.


Planning is major. Plan out when you are going to study for your finals and how long you’re going to study for a certain class. Some classes you may need to spend a little more extra time on. If you put in the work up front to plan out your study schedule in accordance with everything else you have going on, you will be a lot less stressed in the long run. Plan! It’s worth it, I promise.


The second tip is don’t be afraid to get help and ask questions.


Eastern Michigan University has multiple resource centers dedicated to help you. Some resources are the Math Lab, The University Writing Center, and even the Academic Projects Center.


The third tip is to study in groups or with someone else.


Try to study with people that won’t get you easily off track. It can be helpful to study with others because a peer might have the information down and everyone participating in the studying group can divide the chapter and conquer it all.


The fourth tip is to change it up.


Don’t continuously study using the same plain white note cards. Try using multicolored note cards, highlighting in different colors, or even trying using different mnemonic devices to remember pieces of information.


The fifth and final step I have is get good sleep before each exam.


Sleep is so very important. When you don’t get enough sleep you can not fully focus on the task at hand, and we want to be able to focus during out final exams.


It’s okay to be stressed about exams just remember to do your best and you got this!


-My name is Chassidy Donaldson. I am a 3rd year student here at Eastern Michigan University. I am  majoring in Communication with a minor in Leadership and Media and Film studies. Currently i am an RA in Sellers Hall while also being apart of the street team.

Apr 10 2018

College of Technology Student Highlight: Bre McKamie

by blogemu

When she came to Eastern Michigan University in 2004, Bre McKamie didn’t have many people to lean on. “In terms of a support system,” Bre said. “I really just had my mother.” Without a great sense of where she wanted to go in college, she chose to major in communication. However, after her participation in a career seminar at the end of her first year and meeting with PR advisor Lolita Cummings-Carson; Bre decided to pursue a degree in public relations instead.


Yet it was her interaction with Dr. Melissa Motschall that really changed her life. “She really pushed me out of my comfort zone,” Bre said. “She also showed me that an advisor could do so much more than just create a course schedule. It’s about being a coach and a resource.”


After graduating with a degree in PR, Bre got a job with a foster care agency where she helped youth between 16-21 years old transition into adulthood. Bre found that her role was much larger than she had originally thought, and found herself being a parental figure to the youth that she worked with.


With this experience under her belt, she decided to go back to Eastern to pursue her master’s degree in educational leadership with a concentration in higher education and student affairs. While in the master’s program, she got the opportunity to work as a graduate assistant in the advising office at the College of Technology. Upon graduating, she was able to get a part-time job working in advising for the COT and that eventually transitioned into a full-time position.


For Bre, the most rewarding aspects of her work comes from the students that she interacts with. “One of the best feelings is when you have a student come in and tell you that one of their friends suggested that they come see me for help,” Bre said. Another major source of inspiration for Bre is her advising work with the BrotherHOOD and SisterHOOD (HOOD stands for helping others obtain degrees) programs at Eastern. “It’s so great to be able to work with kids who all come from similar backgrounds as I do and help them envision and achieve their own success in school and their future careers.”


Looking ahead, Bre says that she is considering going on to get her PhD in higher education and pursuing a career in university administration. Always thinking of others, Bre is constantly looking for ways that she can help those around her. “At the end of the day,” Bre said, “I gauge my success on the success of my students.” Regardless of what path she may choose, Bre is sure to do great things and impact an even greater number of people along the way.


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Apr 05 2018

Moving Out of the Residence Halls

by blogemu

You finally feel free – classes are done for the summer and you (hopefully) passed all of your exams. But then you realize you have to somehow move everything out of your dorm without chaos ensuing. You definitely thought you needed those nine pillows but now it’s dawning on you that your car just might not be big enough. To ease your mind of these stressful situations, here are some tips to remain sane come move out day:


  • Take Things Home Over Time – instead of trying to take everything home at once, take stuff back periodically. Going home for the weekend? Pack the car with things that you won’t be using. Friends or family coming up to visit? Send some things back with them. This makes the end of the year packing much easier.


  • Pack AheadDon’t wait until the last minute to put things together. Plan ahead and start packing a couple days before you want to leave. Things can take a lot longer than you think and you don’t want to be rushing. Start with the stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis (decorations, desk items, etc.) and then pack the necessities your last day you plan to stay.


  • Don’t Stock Up on Food it’s easy to continue your habits of buying food up until you leave. But whatever you buy, you’ll have to take home. It’s best to keep spending to a minimum so that everything will fit in the car.


  • Consolidate when packing, put your things in any organizers you brought with you. Instead of grabbing an extra bag to pack things up, use the storage container you used to store things during the year. This lessens how many large bags/containers will take up space.


  • Double and TRIPLE Check the worst thing to happen would be to get home and realize you left your charger in your desk drawer. Make sure all the drawers are empty and that nothing has fallen behind the furniture. You wouldn’t want to wait a whole summer to get your stuff back.


Olivia Wash is a sophomore at EMU and is currently majoring in marketing with a minor in apparels, textiles, and merchandising. She is involved with BlogEMU, AMA and the Honors College. When she’s not working for the Marketing Street Team or in class, you can find her working at Urban Outfitters in downtown Ann Arbor.