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Jul 19 2017

Volunteer Opportunities For Students in Ypsi and Around Campus

by blogemu

Are you looking for ways to give back to your community? Do you like to volunteer, but aren’t sure where to start? Look no further! There are many amazing places to volunteer your time and talents in the city of Ypsilanti as well as on Eastern’s campus.


Check out these great resources and places to volunteer:


Vision Volunteer Center


VISION, or more formally known as Volunteers Incorporating Service Into Our Neighborhoods, is dedicated to helping students, as well as staff, become actively engaged in service. The VISION office is located in EMU’s Student Center in room 346. The goal of VISION is to address global and local issues and meet community needs. VISION is a great resource for students as it counts toward LBC credit, students can earn pre-teaching hours, and it’s a great way to get more involved with the EMU community. If you would like more information on volunteering visit their website, or stop by their office in the Student Center and check it out!


Swoop’s Food Pantry


Swoop’s Food Pantry is a pantry open to EMU students. The pantry is located on the first floor of Pierce Hall, and it is run by EMU faculty, staff, students, and alumni volunteers.The basic mission of the pantry is to provide food and other essentials assistance to current EMU students. The pantry is always looking for donations as well as for volunteers. Volunteering for Swoop’s Food Pantry is a great way to directly give back to your fellow Eagles. To read more about their or to sign up to volunteer mission check out their website.


Growing Hope


Growing Hope is an organization located in Ypsilanti that helps people improve their lives and communities through gardening and increasing access to healthy food. According to their website, Growing Hope serves as a technical assistant, program coordinator/partner, and general resource for nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and educational institutions that wish to use gardening as a way to further their social, educational, and/or environmental missions. Growing Hope has a variety of volunteer opportunities which include working in their garden as well as their main office. For more information check out their website.


Dawn Farm


Dawn Farm is an organization that has residential, outpatient and detoxification programs for addicts. The goal of Dawn Farm is to assist addicts and alcoholics in achieving long term recovery. A unique factor about Dawn Farm is that they place an emphasis on the recovering community as the most important source of healing and recovery support for their clients. Dawn Farm offers a continuum of addiction treatment and recovery support services. Volunteer opportunities with Darn Farm include assistance with the Dawn Farm garden, assistance with special events, assistance with Dawn Farm mailings, and assistance with organizing donations to name a few. For more information or to check out other volunteer opportunities visit Dawn Farm’s website.


These are just a few of the great organizations on EMU’s campus and within Ypsilanti that are in need of volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. Pick an organization that is meaningful to you and start volunteering today!

Jul 12 2017

Life after graduation: What now?

by blogemu

One of the things that everyone thinks about while cramming to finish our degree is what will happen after graduation. We’ve just spent years educating ourselves to be prepared for what’s to come, but nothing is concrete until we have a degree in our hands.


Finding a job after graduation can be quite a task depending on what career field you’re entering. Not every area is actively searching for new people and it can be very discouraging if you don’t find something right away.


After I graduated in April, I took on a full-time internship at Visteon in Van Buren Township. I’m part of the marketing and communications team and we are few in numbers. Internationally, our team is comprised of about 15 people. For a large corporation, this isn’t very much but we get the job done.


In my case, an internship was the best option for me after graduation as I will be moving across the country in September. For those of you who can’t find full-time work directly after graduation, looking for an internship may be a good alternative. Internships keep you current in the industry and they’re something to put on your resume.


Life after graduation has been a complete transition. Going from being in a classroom all day to being in a cubicle and working environment has been a bit of a challenge.


My professors and my program fully prepared me for life after college. The techniques and writing styles I learned during my education prepared me for what was to come. Had I not attended college, I wouldn’t be able to perform the daily duties expected of me in this position.


The most pertinent thing to keep in mind is that sometimes it takes time to find the position that’s right for you. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get a job on the first try – that just means it wasn’t meant to be. Keep your chin up and keep looking, something will surface eventually that was a match made for you.





Courtney Schultz is an EMU alumni. She graduated in April with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications. Follow her around @cschulPR.

Jul 05 2017

Discover the Social, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of PEGN Physical Activity Classes

by blogemu

Are you looking for a class that will keep you active? Do you want to learn a new skill or sharpen your skills in an activity you currently love?  Would you like to reduce your stress and meet new people in the process?


You can do all of this AND receive credit that will help fulfill your graduation requirements here at EMU.  Our PEGN (physical activity courses) are a fantastic way to do all of this!


PEGN classes are offered both on and off campus during the Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions.  One of the many great things about our classes is that there is something for everyone!  We offer a range of activities in aquatics, dance, traditional sports, martial arts, personal safety, health and wellness, and fitness.


Many of our PEGN courses run for short sessions or just weekends.  There is sure to be a class that fits in your schedule. We also have courses that start late in the semester so if you find yourself in need of a course, don’t hesitate to take a PEGN course!


Here are additional benefits for our PEGN classes:


  • PEGN classes fulfill General Ed requirements
  • 8 PEGN credits can apply to graduation requirements
  • Convenient schedules – weekend only classes, 6 weeks classes, classes starting late in the semester, on and off campus
  • You can repeat a PEGN activity class two times – sign up for it again if you like it!
  • New classes are offered each semester
  • A variety of courses are offered and for all levels and abilities
  • Classes are typically 1 or 2 credits
  • Click here to view a listing of all the PEGN courses offered


For more information about all the various PEGN classes offered at EMU and at other locations, please contact Jean Foster at jfoster9@emich.edu or visit Eastern’s website. To get a glimpse into PEGN courses feel free to check out this video.

Jun 26 2017

Swoop’s Food Pantry

by blogemu

One of the biggest stressors that college students face is dealing with money. The best discovery I made this year that has helped relieve some of that stress is was Swoop’s Pantry. For those of you who don’t know what Swoop’s Pantry is, it is a food pantry run by EMU faculty, staff, students, and alumni volunteers.


The basic mission of the pantry is to provide food and other essentials assistance to current EMU students. It is a way for students who have trouble paying for groceries each month can come to the pantry and get groceries for free. To read more about their mission feel free to check out their website.


Swoop’s Food Pantry is located in Pierce Hall, on the 1st floor. The set-up is super easy; all you do is walk in, fill out a quick online form to prove that you are a current EMU student, and then you start shopping!


The pantry has shelves and shelves of fresh produce, meats and poultries, canned foods, grains, and desserts. There are even shelves for free toiletries and kitchen supplies. EMU students in need can come to Swoop’s Food Pantry, sign in, and pick up reusable fabric bags to fill with foods and supplies. Students are allowed to visit Swoop’s twice a month, but if on a dire circumstance, three times a month.


The food for the pantry is half donated, half bought by the program. Donations come from awesome local non-profits, including Growing Hope, who provides organically and locally grown produce to the pantry. If you want to donate, or know somebody who wants to, donations are always appreciated!


Swoop’s Food Pantry is even open up during the summer. If you’re an EMU student in need or have the completely normal stress of trying to stock groceries for yourself, you should definitely check out this amazing, on-campus resource.


The hours are Monday through Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Check out Swoop’s Food Pantry and let us know what you think!

Jun 21 2017

It’s Coffee Time: The New Starbucks Location Is Now Open!

by blogemu

EMU’s very own Starbucks has  moved and has gotten BIGGER and better, located where the old Ezone was, Starbucks has taken over the Student Center. Following the grand opening of the Student Center in 2006, Starbucks was right behind that, opening it’s doors in May 2007.



Today, the Starbucks location in the Student Center is a full-fledged Starbucks, now carrying the full pastry and sandwich program. This new location will not only grow in menu size but it will also offer room to grow as well. Along with the space comes WiFi which will be available inside and outside on the patio for Starbucks customers.


So it’s bigger but why is it better?


Well the pastry and sandwich program is a plus, and the space provided is nice but the real reason I’m geeking about this new and improved Starbucks is the little amenities it has to offer like…


Outlets at the tables! This is probably as close to genius as it gets offering a quick way to get some power for your phone, computer, Ipad you name it. This minimizes the cords laying all over the floor and provides easy access.


The big tables for groups (and group projects ugh.) We all know this a little too well but group projects and meeting at the library – boring. These huge tables provide a perfect space to get together this a group of friends or a group for class to bust out some homework.



The Decor. Everyone loves a space with good lighting and great decor, this is the perfect place capturing the earthy tones Starbucks in known for while providing some rustic elements to make this place feel cozy.



The Patio with WiFi. I mean come on who do I need to convince that this is amazing! WiFi! Even on the patio, you don’t gotta tell me twice. If nothing else get’s you to come to this new Starbucks, let this be the reason! Get yo’ coffee and WiFi on.


As the Starbucks moved from it’s upstairs locations, The Lobby Shoppe will be fulfilling its new location which is in the works right now (no date on when it will be open). This will include many great design features like the Starbuck’s has including the garage door look as the shop door! With the hopes of continuing to be the #1 Student Center in the Nation we look to grow and expand and this is just the first step in maintaining that.


Go check out the new Starbucks – I guarantee you’ll be back!

Jun 13 2017

Good Eats in Ypsilanti

by blogemu

With so many good places to eat in Ypsilanti it’s hard to know what restaurants are the best to try. Of course there are always fast food options, but if you’re anything like me you’re probably in the mood to try something new.


Luckily, Ypsilanti has many great options. If you are looking for some good eats that won’t break the bank and are close to campus check out these places that are all within walking distance of EMU.



  • ABE’S CONEY ISLAND – This place is perfect for dining on a budget. It has your classic Coney Island favorites that won’t break the bank. One thing that separates itself from other Coney Islands is their signature “Hippie Hash”. It’s technically a breakfast food but can (and should) be enjoyed for any meal of the day. It has a base layer of hash browns, topped with tomatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs cooked to your liking and topped with either feta or cheddar cheese. A great meal and a great place to enjoy with friends, especially when the late-night cravings hit. Abe’s Coney Island is located on Michigan Avenue, at the intersection of S. Hamilton Street (south end of campus). (402 W. Michigan Avenue)


  • MAIZ MEXICAN CANTINA – Located in Depot Town, this Mexican restaurant is sure to not disappoint. They have Mexican favorites, like tacos, burritos and quesadillas as well as dishes with Mexican influences, like a Shrimp Cilantro Lime Salad. They have “$2 Taco Tuesdays” so you can stock up for the week as well as great happy hour deals for those of you that are 21+. It is a fairly new addition to the Ypsilanti area, so head on over and check it out. (36 E. Cross Street)


  • THE WURST BAR– Despite its name, this hot spot has quite a reputation in this town. They have unique sausages made from different kinds of meats and different flavors that are sure to dazzle your taste buds. Another signature dish is their tater tots, which can come nacho, poutine or vegetarian. This restaurant is also well known for their craft beers, which is a great pair with their cuisine. (705 W. Cross Street)


  • SIDETRACKS – Also in the Depot Town area, Sidetracks has everything you could want from Shepard’s Pie to a traditional Michigan salad. Everything tastes not only amazing but is reasonably priced. Evident from the name of the restaurant, the theme of the place is railroads and has many decor for guests to enjoy. They are very busy on weekends in the evening, so try and go at a time that isn’t during a dinner rush so you don’t have to wait an hour to get a table (very popular as you can tell). (56 E. Cross Street)


Be sure to check out one of these great places for some fantastic food next time you are looking for something new to try in Ypsilanti!

Jun 07 2017

Part 3: WOW! Quito, Ecuador… What to say?

by blogemu

Our last couple days of our trip were filled with opportunities for hiking through the Mindo Cloud rainforest and feeling the water of natural waterfalls beat down on our skin. We also got to see how natural chocolate is made at a chocolate factory (They sell the same chocolate locally in Dexter, MI as well)!


My favorite part of the last couple days in Quito was having the chance to hike and ride a horse up the side of the Pichincha Volcano; it was definitely a ONCE in a lifetime experience! Something we all were able to check off of our bucket lists!


Traveling internationally for the first time was such an eye-opening learning experience. I learned so much about resilience. Resilience of a nation, of a culture, of individual people, including myself.


During the trip we dealt with altitude sickness, dietary differences, experiences that pushed us to our limit physically and mentally, a language barrier, among other things, but we all came out changed and stronger people having faced these challenges head on with the support of our peers.


I will never forget this trip to Ecuador. I will never forget the 10 other students, our professor, his parents, or our bus driver. These people definitely made the trip the unique experience that it was for each of us.


The sunshine, the mountains, the rainforest, the streets, the parks, the schools… All unique in their own way, All make Ecuador what it is. Ecuador definitely lives up to its tag line, “Ama la Vida”, or Love Life. Although Ecuador is still considered to be a “developing nation”, it teaches you to enjoy the little things, to take time out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy what the earth has to offer.


If you get the opportunity to study abroad, I would definitely urge you to try your hardest to make it work for you. Short trips, such as this one to Ecuador, are perfect for busy students to take a break from their normal and learn about and within a different culture. Thank you for following my journey and have a great summer!


Go Eagles!




Candace Tulacz is a Master’s Student at Eastern Michigan University. She will start the second year of her program in Educational Leadership – Higher Education Student Affairs this coming Fall.

May 31 2017

Part 2: “Ecuador- Ama la Vida” Candace’s Journey Continues

by blogemu

“Ecuador- Ama la Vida” (Translated: “Ecuador – Love Life”) is one of the first things you see when you walk off of your airplane in Quito’s new (but small) airport and will continue to see throughout your travels in the city and beyond. This slogan represents the unique diversity of landscape, biology, buildings, places to eat, and people, among many other things.


Candace’s Ecuador Team


During this trip, I have learned so much in a week, with just a few more days to go. Our group of 11 students has really worked together to get through each things that we faced. None of us are fluent in Spanish, so that is a huge part of our binding experience.


On our first day here, we were able to go to the middle of the world and stand on the Equator. Knowing you are standing in the center of the world makes you really think about what your place in the world is and how small of a portion of the world you live your daily life in. FUN FACT: We even learned that water drains opposite ways in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The Andes mountains are the perfect backdrop to all excursions. I’ve never walked among the clouds, but it has been a truly humbling experience.



Becoming Global Citizens as (mostly) Higher Education Master’s students has really happened in our visits to local schools and universities. The education system is set up similarly to the United States as it has Pre-School through Doctoral degrees. The differences come in the form of resources and government control and aid. Stay tuned for more about this in my reflection blog.


To follow-up with my goals set in my first blog, I have definitely been trying to break out of my shell a bit and learn more about my peers and their stories. This is definitely outside of my comfort zone and I am excited for relationships built while I have been here. I also tried fried Tilapia for the first time and Salsa dancing!


As for writing, I have been writing each time that I can, but there is always so much to do it has not been as comprehensive as I would have liked. I have however been collected “scraps” for a scrapbook of this trip, so that I have something to remember my first time abroad. Being immersed into Ecuadorian culture has opened my eyes to the struggles and successes of the people. It also has allowed me to holistically learn about the diversity within this small country. I am looking forward to learning more in the next few days before it is back to reality.


Look out for my reflection piece after my trip!




Candace Tulacz is a Master’s Student at Eastern Michigan University. She will start the second year of her program in Educational Leadership – Higher Education Student Affairs this coming Fall.

May 24 2017

Things to do around campus this summer!

by blogemu

Have you been looking for something to do on campus this summer? Look no further! Eastern Michigan University has a wide range of activities and events happening all around campus this summer. Check out this list of the top seven places and activities to try.


1.The trails around EMU’s campus


EMU boasts a large campus with four hundred and sixty acres of beautiful buildings and nature. There are many  sidewalks and trails throughout campus that are great for hiking, biking, running, and other outdoor activities. These trails are great to use for exercising in any season, and are a great way to take in all the beautiful sites around campus.


2.Pease Auditorium


Pease Auditorium is one of the oldest buildings on campus, as it was built in 1914, and has beautiful Greek-style columns that give the building a classy, ancient feel. Pease hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year: dance performances, theater productions, music concerts, and more. It’s a great place to get your fill of the arts. Check out their schedule on their website to see what they have lined up for the year!


3.The food court at the EMU Student Center


The Student Center underwent a serious makeover last summer, and there are now many new delicious restaurants and food options to try. These new spots include Smashburger, Mondo Subs, Sono Latin Cuisine, Zatar Mediterranean, and Eagle’s Nido which has great vegetarian options.


4.EMU Convocation Center


The Convocation Center is your go-to place to watch EMU football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and many other great EMU sports.  The Convo also holds great concerts and entertainment events, having had the 1975 in November and the Harlem Globetrotters in January! Check out the schedule for the Convocation Center on their website.


5.Art galleries


EMU is home to many creative and talented art students. You can check out their work for free at the art galleries in Ford Hall and the Student Center. The exhibits are switched out frequently to display all different kinds of artwork, ranging from sculptures, to portraits, to live artwork. It’s worth checking out on a regular basis to catch all the different genres!




EMU has a huge recreational building available to all EMU students. The Rec offers four floors of facilities to use for exercise, intramural sports, and relaxation. There’s free weights, pools, a track, individual work out rooms, as well as instructor-led exercise classes. You can take a Zumba class, or try your hand at boxing, and even get an EMU version of “SoulCycle” in with a spinning class. It also has an amazing hot tub and sauna—the cherry on top.


7.Volleyball/basketball courts


On EMU’s grounds there are multiple basketball and volleyball courts available for public use. There’s always good crowds out at the courts, making this event on campus a social one. The outdoor courts are great options if you’re looking to do something athletic and outside.


Check out all of these great things to do on Eastern Michigan University’s campus, and let us know what you think in the comments!


This blog was written by EMU student Emma Schulte. Emma Schulte is a senior at Eastern Michigan University majoring in marketing and minoring in Spanish. She loves to do anything involving music, or doing things that involve the outdoors such as hiking, swimming, and biking. Emma fell in love with EMU her freshman year and has made it her mission ever since to get everyone else to feel the love for EMU that she does.


May 18 2017

Why EMU business grads hit the ground running with more than a degree

by blogemu

Eastern Michigan University has the country’s top-ranked student center.

Let’s be honest. Having the country’s top-ranked student center doesn’t hurt. Stevie Newton spent many hours there during her undergraduate years at EMU (drinking lots of Starbucks because, she says only half-joking, college students have coffee in their blood and need it to function).


But there’s a bigger reason Newton transferred to EMU to finish her 4-year degree, becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college:


EMU’s College of Business is a pathway to opportunity.


Wherever you go, “Eastern Michigan University” rings a bell. Newton, who graduated in December, now has a degree linking her name with EMU’s and the respected mix of academic training and real-world training that it signifies.


“It’s great knowing I have this big accomplishment and when I go and pursue my career I can say I have a degree that helped me grow as a person, grow as a professional and helped me gain that knowledge in the classroom to apply in the real world,” Newton said.


Want more information…LEARN MORE


Want more reasons EMU’s College of Business is the place for you?


*Our AACSB accreditation may sound wonky, but what it means is that our business school is practical and down to earth. We don’t just teach business theory. We help students apply it.


*We’re a state university that’s big enough to have the resources students need, yet small enough to foster the sense of community students want. Classes in EMU’s College of Business have only 30 to 40 students – not hundreds – so you can actually get to know your professors. You’re able to meet with an advisor when you need, to get the individual attention you need. You won’t get lost in a crowd.


*Non-traditional students fit right in. The average age in the College of Business is 26 years old. We offer flexible scheduling including evening classes, weekend classes and online classes to meet the unique demands of working professionals. Make an appointment to meet with our advisors


Talk to an admissions specialist…CLICK HERE


*EMU’s College of Business has unique articulation agreements with community colleges throughout Michigan and Ohio, pre-approving the transfer of credits not just in general education but also in business. You can earn an EMU degree with two-thirds of your credits coming from a community college.


*Having working professionals in the classroom along with tenured faculty with business experience makes for a dynamic learning environment. Plus, the EMU student body is diverse with students from around the world and across the socioeconomic spectrum. Students at EMU build a network of relationships that adds value to the degree they earn.


*You get more bang for the buck at EMU. Annual net tuition is 25-percent lower than the national average. Yet, alumni make 10-percent more money 10 years out of school than peers from other colleges around the country. Upon graduation, 94 percent of EMU College of Business alumni have jobs earning an annual salary in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.


Oh, by the way, the Princeton Review says EMU has one of the nation’s best business schools in 2017. That’s because EMU College of Business graduates hit the ground running.


Apply here to get started on your own path.


“The education here is great,” said Newton, who is working off-campus for a global logistics supply company while pursuing a fully online master’s degree in integrated marketing communications at Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business.


“When you come here you can work with your professors. You can use all the resources in this environment to better yourself for your future. Moving forward, you’ll have a great experience.”


Ready to apply…LET’S DO IT

May 17 2017

Part 1 Hola Ecuador: Candace’s Study Abroad Experience at EMU

by blogemu

The anticipation is mounting. A new adventure is on the horizon. I am anxiously awaiting my first trip out of the country. Studying Abroad has always been a dream of mine, and on May 18th, I leave for the trip of a lifetime to Ecuador! Buenos Dias!


As an undergraduate, I never had the opportunity to study abroad and I was convinced I would never have the opportunity after I graduated. Starting graduate school this fall, I was surprised to learn that my program of study had a study abroad course offered. The program is titled, “Becoming Global Citizens” and is an 11-day trip to Quito, Ecuador. It is a faculty-led program by Dr. Raul Leon. Dr Leon is from Ecuador, so this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.


This study abroad trip will include cultural, tourist, and academic excursions to fully immerse all of us into the Ecuadorian culture. The excursion I am most excited about is to the Gondola ride to the top of the Pichincha Volcano, but every excursion will help us become true Global Citizens. We will stand on the equator. We will walk through a valley of a dormant volcano. We will visit the Otavalo Indigenous Market. We will relax in hot springs. We will go to a Chocolate Factory and the Mindo Cloud Forest. We will get to visit local schools and learn about their educational system. We will gain valuable skills through learning cultural competencies.


For this trip, I have a few goals.

  • One is to open up more to my classmates and be more open to new experiences.
  • The second is to learn as much as I can every day and write about it in a journal as a keepsake of my first experience abroad (and keep it to continue through my hopefully many more experiences abroad).
  • The third is to let go of all of my preconceived notions about Ecuadorian/South American experiences and people to truly learn about their culture and to learn empathy and how to be a global citizen.


I will follow up on these in my blogs to come, but I am excited to share this experience with you and let you see my personal journey and growth on this short trip abroad.




Candace Tulacz is a Master’s Student at Eastern Michigan University. She will start the second year of her program in Educational Leadership – Higher Education Student Affairs this coming Fall.

May 14 2017

EMU’s ‘intrusive advising’ can overcome barriers to 4-year degree

by blogemu

It might sound uncomfortable, but “intrusive advising” is exactly what students need to overcome barriers to a 4-year bachelor’s degree and get on track for a more promising career. It’s like a proactive Q&A with a college advisor (so it is an interrogation of sorts!) that helps identify obstacles to finishing a degree and figure out in advance how to get past them.


Do you have the time to finish a degree? Can you afford it? How can you balance classes with work? With family? With the rest of things you value in life?


At Eastern Michigan University, many College of Business students aren’t fresh out of high school. They’re living life, and dealing with its challenges. They’re juggling school, work, family, and more, and they’re rising to the occasion.


Make an appointment with an EMU advisor to chart a course for finishing your college degree.


Want more information…LEARN MORE


How? They’re getting good “intrusive advising” – otherwise known as helpful guidance. Here’s a description from Deedra Springgay, the Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Services in EMU’s College of Business:


“We have a conversation. I ask a lot of questions. I don’t just tell you what classes you have left to do. I want to sit down with you and find out what’s happening in your life.


“We have students with cancer. We have students with small kids at home. We have students who commute. We have students who want to get done as quickly as possible. All of those are going to have different paths, and we match the path to the student. We’re really here to make sure you get through college in a timely and efficient path. My teammates and I really want to do the best we can for each of our individual students.”


Whatever your situation, it’s possible to transfer to EMU and complete a business degree. Time and money are common problems that can be solved with wise planning and helpful guidance.


Whether you’re in community college or it has been a few years since you’ve been in a classroom, you can make an appointment to meet with an advisor in EMU’s College of Business and talk about how finishing your degree can help you achieve your professional goals. You can meet with an EMU advisor at any time for free, even if you haven’t started applying for admission.


Talk to an admissions specialist…CLICK HERE


By asking “intrusive” questions, EMU can help you figure out how to make college work for you by charting a course that takes into account your unique situation. We can talk about how an EMU business degree can boost your career and job prospects, and what kind of return on investment to expect.


The process and timeline for going back to college may look different for you than for a traditional undergraduate. It might even look different from every other student on campus. But the result will be the same: a degree from a business school that The Princeton Review has named one of the country’s best for 2017.


Ready to apply…LET’S DO IT

May 11 2017

(Part 3) How this guy’s future could change for the better at EMU

by blogemu

A business degree from Eastern Michigan University improves job prospects, increases income potential and leads to a higher quality of life.

Cob, an imaginary cartoon person who represents a typical EMU College of Business transfer, has some pretty common reasons for thinking about a 4-year degree. He also has some common concerns about affording tuition.


Looking long-term, however, the upfront costs of a bachelor’s degree pale in comparison to the return on that investment – both financial and otherwise.


Want more information…LEARN MORE


Cob should consider these benefits of earning a 4-year degree:


*Increased income potential – People with bachelor’s degrees earn 30-percent more money over their lifetime than people with 2-year associate’s degrees, according to federal census data. Compared to people with only high school diplomas, 4-year degree holders earn 65-percent more.


*Improved job prospects – Not only do students in EMU’s College of Business gain more knowledge and learn more skills, they also get hands-on learning experiences that jumpstart their careers. An alumni survey of 2013 EMU business school grads found a 94-percent job placement rate with an average salary in the $50,000 to $59,999 range.


“We’ve become known within the corporate world as the institution that helps our students get that hands-on experience that allows them to hit the ground running, whether it be through an internship or a cooperative education experience or a part-time job in the industry. You get to apply those theories and concepts before you even get to graduation. Most of our students come out of college with a degree as well as hands-on experience, which helps them in the job market because for those positions that require 1-year experience most of our graduates already meet that. In terms of your ability to market yourself once you graduate, you’re in a whole other ballgame.” –Sarah Otto, Director of Career Development & Outreach at Eastern Michigan University.


Talk to an admissions specialist…CLICK HERE


*Higher standard of living – Money aside, research shows that people with 4-year college degrees are more likely to exercise regularly, more likely to volunteer and be active citizens in their communities, and more likely to spend quality time with their children. They’re also more likely to get jobs that provide health and retirement benefits.


*Enhanced job marketability – A 4-year degree from EMU’s College of Business prepares students for hundreds of careers, or even for starting a business. The broad training that people get as they obtain a bachelor’s degree makes them better able to adapt to an ever-changing economy, enabling them to switch jobs – or even careers – more easily than people without a 4-year degree.


Need more reasons to finish your degree at EMU, Cob? Apply now.


Ready to apply…LET’S DO IT

May 07 2017

(Part 2) Why this guy wants to go back to college

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Eastern Michigan University made the Pi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll for helping students balance their lives and return to school for a 4-year college degree.

Our cartoon friend Cob has never really looked into pursuing a bachelor’s degree because he thinks he can’t afford it (ADD LINK TO PART 1). But he knows a 4-year degree could improve his job prospects.


Things aren’t terrible at work right now. It pays the bills (mostly), but it’s not his dream job. And it’s not as much money as he could be making if he just had that degree.


Cob is not alone.


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What’s motivating him to think about going back to school are the same things that motivate most people to get back on track for a degree:


*Many people who come back to school to finish a 4-year degree have hit a ceiling in their current job. In order to be promoted or make more money, they need a bachelor’s degree.


The typical person changes jobs about once every five years. Not only can a business degree qualify someone for a promotion, the base skills and knowledge that comes with the degree make it easier for someone to switch from one job to another.


*Some people who go back to school haven’t been happy in their current career and want a better quality of life. Studies show that people with 4-year college degrees make more money, are more likely to get health and retirement benefits through their employer, exercise more often, volunteer more and spend more quality time with their children.


*Over a lifetime of work, a person with a bachelor’s degree will earn 65-percent more money than someone with only a high school diploma, and 30-percent more than someone with a 2-year associate’s degree. Cob is interested in supply chain management, which is one of Michigan’s Hot 50 Jobs for the next decade. Demand for operations research analysts with supply chain management degrees is projected to surge 36 percent, with a wage range of $31 to $49 per hour.


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Cob won’t know it until he makes an appointment to meet with an advisor, but EMU’s College of Business is perfect for someone like him. The average age of students trends a bit higher than the rest of the university at 26 years old because so many working professionals are taking classes.


Eastern Michigan University is experienced at crafting a college plan for non-traditional students who have more demanding schedules than students coming right out of high school. The university has made the 2017 Pi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll for the service it provides to transfer students.


Here’s what Cob could learn from Joe Vainner, EMU’s Associate Director of Transfer Admissions:


“A lot of non-traditional students, adult students and part-time students find that maybe at some other schools professors and advisors and financial aid workers aren’t used to dealing with students in their situations and don’t necessarily know how to serve them. At Eastern Michigan, because we have so many students in all sorts of different life situations, pretty much no matter what your situation is we’re used to that and we’re able to get you the help you need. We have programs that can be completed primarily in the evenings and we offer hundreds of online courses.


“We have all the resources that a bigger school has but without some of the getting lost in a crowd. We pride ourselves on making sure that students are not just a number but they’re actually able to get the help they need.”


It’s time for you to apply to EMU’s College of Business, and we’ll help you figure it all out.


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May 03 2017

(Part 1) How EMU can help this guy pay for college

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A business degree from Eastern Michigan University is more affordable than you might think.

Meet Jacob.


Jacob isn’t a real person. He’s just a cartoon character representing real people who are in his shoes (if he had shoes), people who would benefit by enrolling in EMU’s College of Business. Let’s call him “Cob,” for short.


Cob’s current job doesn’t pay as much as he’d like and it’s not exactly the kind of work he wants to do, so sometimes he thinks about transferring to EMU and majoring in business (supply chain management, specifically).


Cob thinks getting a 4-year bachelor’s degree could be good for him, but he doesn’t know how to pay for it. He took some classes at a community college and thought those were expensive enough. He knows that university tuition costs even more.


So Cob has never bothered to look more into it.


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Poor Cob. Here’s what he could have learned had he made an appointment to meet with an advisor in EMU’s College of Business:


*75 percent of EMU students get financial assistance via federal aid, work-study grants or scholarships. Cob could have made an appointment at the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center to ask questions and learn about financial aid, billing and registration. That’s a great place to start.


*The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) comes out in October each year. It should be completed no later than mid-June, though the earlier the better.


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*Federal funding for work-study opportunities is in high demand, so prospective students should file their FAFSA early. Even if work-study wasn’t included in Cob’s financial aid package, he still could get a job on campus (or off-campus) to help pay for college.


*Lots of scholarship money is available, and you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to qualify. Some scholarships are specifically for transfer students, and others are targeted for particular business degree programs. Check out scholarship opportunities and application deadlines here.


*Even if you don’t have your financial aid all set up, you still can apply for admission and register for classes. EMU does not drop students from classes for non-payment. Working a year in advance is recommended. You can apply a year before taking classes. That will ensure that you can register for the classes you need and they’re not filled up.


Yes, Cob, a high-quality college education does cost money. But there are ways of working around that.


You should make an appointment to talk with an EMU advisor to learn about financial options that are available.


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