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Jan 17 2018

Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Major

by blogemu

Picking a major in college is one of the most important and meaningful decisions you can make as a student.


In a way, picking a major is like getting on a bus ride.


Your decision is the bus route you decide to take. Each route can take you on a very specific road.


The bus will take you through multiple fixed stations, but once you get off at your destination (graduation); the places you will continue to travel to is up to you.


You can get off the bus sooner if you wish, and, of course, you can decide to switch to another bus if you want. However, you can also fall asleep on the ride or look through the window at the view to explore the route.


You can decide to sit quietly or socialize with other people on the bus. You can also trust the driver (professor) to take you to where you want to get, or you can talk to him, ask him questions… Bus rides can be tiring, but they can also be fun and relaxing. They are what you make them.  


If you haven’t figured it out by now, the bus company you are riding with is Eastern Michigan University, and trust me, you are in good hands. Now it’s time to pick a bus route, or in other words, you major.


Whether you have a major in mind or you are still undecided, there are many important things you need to consider before further pursuing with your desired major. Lucky for you, we have narrowed it down to the three most important things to consider when choosing a major or a field of study.


Q1: Does this interest you?


This might sound like a cliché, but give yourself time to really think: is this field of study interesting to me? Will I be happy to wake up everyday and deal with this topic for a long period of time?


Your decision will not only determine what degree you will graduate with, but what career you will be most qualified for once you’ve graduated. Give yourself time to think about it deeply; however, you do not have to decide right away.


Q2: Is your choosing field in progress?


Another important aspect to consider is whether or not your field of interest is in demand. This is can be tricky, because in a way you need to predict the future, and that limits your options.


You want to look at the field in terms of development and progress – How did this field changed in the last 10 years? What are the job opportunities offered in the field? What are the salary potential? How easy can one find a job in the field?


Passion for the field will not guarantee a career, so this question needs to be taken to consideration in the early stage of your decision.


Q3: What makes me stand out from the rest?


Lastly, every student needs to remember that in any field there will be competition. There will always be people who are interested in the same field as you; and so, they will compete you for those desired jobs.


Ask yourself, what do I have, that others don’t? It could be specific “hard skills” you’ve acquired in your life such as; InDesign, Microsoft-Office, accounting or mathematics, public speaking, bookkeeping, data analysis, a second language, etc.


In addition to “soft skills” which are just as important: incredible passion for the field of study, willingness to learn more,  leadership character, management, communication, creativity, time management, conflict resolution, etc.


Take your time to think about those questions, trust yourself and listen to your heart. Remember life is full of surprises and it is important to enjoy the journey, whatever route you’ve picked. And if you haven’t gotten on the bus yet, just wait – there will always be another one on it’s way!






Michal Liberman is an swimmer at EMU. She is a junior, majoring in public relations. Michal is from Israel originally, works part time in the EMU Division of Communications, and is featured in EMU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere banner campaign.

Jan 10 2018

WE ARE WELCOME HERE: A day in Detroit with my EMU international friends

by blogemu

What is there to do in Detroit you ask? Well, lots!


Over the holiday break, I spent a day in one of the most famous downtown areas in the U.S. with four EMU international students on a day trip. Upon returning from our day trip I returned with many new interesting perspectives.


To start to the day off we went to the DIA, Detroit Institute of Arts.


We entered the very impressive building that contains one of the largest and most significant art collections in the world. The museum has more than 100 galleries, such as modern and traditional American art, Greek pieces and collections, Italian paintings, German wall art and many more.


Some of the pieces are easily recognizable, such as work by Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. We explored the DIA museum for about two hours before we all got hungry, and continued to our next destination, not before we took a picture with “the Thinker,” the sculptor that symbolizes the Museum.


Place: DIA, Detroit Institute of Arts

Cost: $8 for students, $14 for non students and adults, and free for residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties

Time Spent: About two hours

Rate: 5/5




The second stop of our day trip was a short seven minute drive to Detroit’s Greektown where we stopped for lunch. We parked our car and at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church and walked around exploring this area.


As we were walking, we realized a different view surrounded us. It was as if we walked into a different world, or perhaps a different time in a different country.


The Greeks first moved to the area in 1830 and left an impactful mark that stayed obvious to this day. Greektown streets are decorated with stores, coffee places and restaurants in a Greek theme, and of course the famous Greektown Casino.


Our tour guide for the DIA and Greektown was Ted Coutilish, head of University Marketing at EMU. He is an offspring of original Greeks that helped established those streets.


For lunch, Ted took us to a place called “Pegasus,” which is a traditional Greek restaurant that is like nothing you will ever experience in common American restaurants; the walls are decorated with Greek art and pictures, the ceiling is very low and has replica grapevine leaves hanging from it.


On top of that, the wait staff are mostly greek and the music is authentic Greek. This place had a very interesting atmosphere!


When we sat down we received freshly baked bread. We also ordered saganaki, which is kasseri cheese doused with brandy and lit on fire as the waitress yells OPA! The cheese was semi melted and the fire was put out with lemon. “We put lemon on everything,” Ted said jokingly.


The food was excellent, even the simple Greek salad I ordered was served just right and was yummy.


Place: Pegasus Restaurant in Greektown

Cost: $10-$30, depends on the dish

Time Spent: about 45 minutes

Rate: 4/5




After lunch, we headed toward the Detroit Riverwalk overlooking Canada. The idea that the only thing separating us from another country is a river was funny, but the view was beautiful.


The river had a strong flow and big chunks of ice were being used as a boat ride for birds. On the river’s border are huge skyscrapers in an area named the “Renaissance Center,” where the heart of Detroit business is today.


On nicer days, people can rent bikes to ride along the Riverwalk as they enjoy the view, or they can go to the spring festival right in the middle of the park, but since it was closed for the winter we left for our next and final destination.


Place: Renaissance Center

Cost: free (When the festival is open, the tickets are $5-15 depends on the attraction)

Time Spent: about 45 minutes

Rate: 3/5



In Detroit we road the “The People Mover”, a traditional transportation method in Detroit, and a very cool way to move around the downtown area without getting tired.


The People Mover is a train that goes through the main areas of Detroit’s downtown. Yes, the stations are INSIDE the building, which makes this ride experience very cool because you are riding high in the air observing Detroit from your window.


We stopped at Campus Martius Park, where an amazing holiday parade was happening. We saw an ice skating rink, a big decorated Christmas Tree, along with packed Holiday markets and little shops made out of glass with the best of samples from the area’s fashion stores, bakehouses, coffee shops and more.


This was an amazing site and the vibe was fun and positive. We enjoyed the spirit the people of Detroit brought to air and after hanging around till dark, we walked back to our car, and home to EMU. Some of us still had finals to complete!


Place: The People Mover throughtout Downtown Detroit

Cost: $7 for ice skating, around $5 for a hot beverage, and other shopping is available as well

Time Spent: about 90 minutes

Rate: 4.5/5





Michal Liberman is an swimmer at EMU. She is a junior, majoring in public relations. Michal is from Israel originally, works part time in the EMU Division of Communications, and is featured in EMU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere banner campaign.


Dec 27 2017

Veg-O-Rama- A New Restaurant in Ypsilanti

by blogemu

There’s a new restaurant in town, and it’s right here in Ypsilanti across from EMU’s campus!


This new hot spot is called Veg-O-Rama. Veg-O-Rama is the perfect mix of Indian and American fusion food. There’s an extensive menu that ranges from breakfast to dinner, but that’s not even the best part.


At Veg-O-Rama everything offered on the menu is vegetarian. Upon request, every vegetarian dish can also be made as a vegan dish (and yes, that includes offering vegan cheese).


Ran by a husband and wife team, Veg-O-Rama has gotten rave reviews by students, staff, and locals alike since it opened about three months ago.


Although they have not started offering student discounts just yet, Veg-O-Rama does have a rewards program where customers can sign up by email. After a certain number of visits they can receive coupons and rewards towards future purchases (and who doesn’t like free stuff?).


Located at 533 West Cross Street in Ypsilanti, Veg-O-Rama is a convenient spot to eat for EMU students.


Whether you have a bit of free time or want to change up your lunch spot, don’t forget to check out and support this local gem!








Imani Hassan is a senior at Eastern Michigan University. She is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Creative Writing. In her free time, Imani loves to blog, bake delicious vegan recipes, sing and write songs, and travel to new places.

Dec 22 2017

Veggin’ out on Campus: A How-To Guide

by blogemu


College is a balancing act and if you’re lucky, you don’t fall on your face.


Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to not only your physical wellbeing but your mental and emotional health as well.


Now I know what you’re thinking: “how in the world am I supposed to balance classes, work, a social life, and a healthy lifestyle all while on a budget?” Take it from a fellow student and vegan, eating healthy or having a special diet does not have to break the bank.


For starters, take a good look around you. Though you may have to do some digging, realize that you’re surrounded by a vegan food gold mine!


Take advantage of the many options at the Student Center food court. If you’re craving something hearty, there’s nothing like a classic burger and fries to hit the spot!


Go to Smashburger and order the black bean avocado ranch burger without the cheese and ranch (you can always ask for ketchup or barbecue sauce). If you want something healthier and lighter, try out the Hasty Rabbit for sushi and salads.


If the options at the Student Center aren’t your thing, try out the Eastern Eateries for more variety. If you’re in a sandwich mood, take a visit to Create Chop’d & Wrapped to create veggie wraps and sandwiches.


If you’re craving pizza, and I mean who doesn’t, take a stroll over to 2Mato to create a pizza with delicious veggies and sauces. Or if you want to be fancy with it, bring your own vegan cheeses to spread on your pizza to melt it.


Eating healthy or having a specialty diet doesn’t always mean eating only organic fruits, working out often, and drinking green juices. It’s a mentality. If you try to eat as best as you can and utilize some of the great options around you, than it counts for something.







Imani Hassan is a senior at Eastern Michigan University. She is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Creative Writing. In her free time, Imani loves to blog, bake delicious vegan recipes, sing and write songs, and travel to new places.

Dec 14 2017

Finals Study Tips

by blogemu

Buckle up Eastern students,  finals are upon us!


At this point, all of us as students have heard the saying “secrets for success” many times before and each one of us knows what we need to do in order to get that desirable “A” in our classes.


Let’s face it, this is not the first nor the last test we will take, and although the requirements change, the struggle is real.


Here are a few nontraditional tips to help you prepare for those hard exams, so take a deep breath and get to work.



  • Free Tutoring on Campus

As a student at Eastern Michigan University, you are a part of a school community that cares about your success and strives to give you the best resources.


The Holman Success Center in Halle Library operated on a daily basis for a rich variety of subjects and departments! You can decide whether you want to drop in for a tutoring session or maybe try the departmental tutoring, both will help you greatly.


All the information needed are in this link:  http://www.emich.edu/hsc/tutoring/index.php.



  • Studying Hard, Doesn’t Mean you are Studying Smart

Long continuous sessions of studying are hard but are not effective, same effect for those late white nights before an exam.


Effective studying has proven to be when you study in short chunks of time. This is because most of our brains are better at encoding information into the memory in short repeated sessions rather than long ones.


Help your brain store the information effectively and study in shorter chunks of time taking break in between!



  • Write it Out, and Speak to Yourself

Many studies have  found that it is highly helpful to write out the information that you are studying on paper. Reading and highlighting information might help, but the act of physically writing it out can help the information stick in your brain better.


Take a blank piece of paper and a pen – and write it all out. Being creative can also help you remember the information. Write it out big or small, use different colors, and outline the stuff however you’d like!


As you write the information out, say it out loud to yourself. This will create two dimensions of learning at once, audio and visual.



  • Quiz Yourself

This is the best thing you can do for your learning process.


Create questions for yourself to answer. This way you are going through th einformation twice. Once when you hear it in class, and a second time by going through your own hand made study questions.


Before you know it, the repeated information will stick to you unintentionally.

Again, when you are answering the questions, write them out on a piece of paper or on a flash card.



  • Take a Break!

This might sound silly, but going off of the tip of studying in small chunks, you want to fill your schedule with activities that are not related to studying.


Don’t cancel your work shifts or social gathering, and make sure you have a workout session in your day!


You will be happy to find out that aerobic exercise improves the brain processing speed and will help you to make your study sessions very effective.



  • Eliminate Distractions

Make your sessions as effective as possible by studying in an area that you will not be easily distracted.


This means that your phone and your social media notifications are not allowed, and will not help you to study better.



  • Try to Study in Different Places

Get out of your room and hit the library, or a coffee shop, or the student center, or the computer lab. Sit on the grass or just randomly study wherever you are. Changing up your environment might help you focus better and ace those finals!


You should carry the studying material with you throughout the day because you can never know when you will come across the perfect place to study!


Finals week can be stressful and overwhelming. Just remember that with little changes to your studying routine, you can study smart and ace your finals! Good luck everyone!






Michal Liberman is an swimmer at EMU. She is a junior, majoring in public relations. Michal is from Israel originally, works part time in the EMU Division of Communications, and is featured in EMU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere banner campaign.

Dec 08 2017

Why you should become a HRL student staff member

by blogemu


Hello, my name is Josie! Before becoming an office manager of Hill Hall on campus, I was a resident advisor for two years in Walton Hall.


I remember applying to become an RA like it was yesterday. Being a student staff member is a lot of responsibility, but it’s a lot of fun and worth every second of it.


Here are four reasons why you should apply for a position with Housing and Residence Life!


You get to be creative. As a resident advisor (RA) or community programmer (CP), part of the position is putting on programs for residents in your community.


Brainstorming ideas for programs might seem stressful, but there is no better feeling than having a successful program! You also have an opportunity to make your floor your own with cool door decorations and creative bulletin boards.


You gain active problem solving skills. As a RA, you learn a lot from the people around you. I won’t lie and say the position is easy peasy, because it’s not. There will be times when you have to think fast and think on your feet.


At the end of the day, you can say you have conflict resolution skills and the ability to work under pressure.


You make a difference in the lives of others. Having worked in a primarily first-year hall, I had the chance to work with students who were experiencing college for the first time, which can be super scary.


Being someone’s go-to when they need some help, advice, or just some simple words of encouragement might seem like a lot, but trust me – the impact you make on the lives of residents is something they will remember forever.


You get to build your resume. You learn some valuable skills as a student staff member that looks fabulous on a resume. Some of those skills include written and verbal communication, time management, leadership capabilities, knowledge on how to budget, event planning, customer service, and marketing.


It’s safe to say that future employers will be impressed when they see the skills you gained from being a student staff member.

Click here to access the application and apply to be a student staff member today!




This blog was brought to you by Housing and Residence Life at EMU.

Dec 06 2017

EMU’s “Wall of Speech”

by blogemu

Do you live in America? Congratulations you have the right to free speech!


Whether you are an organization, and elected official, an journalist, an artist, or just an everyday person who has something to say, you have this right. As students at EMU we also have the right to express our freedom of speech on Eastern’s “wall of speech”.


The First Amendment to the Constitution gives individuals the right to say whatever they want, so long as their words do not bring harm to another, without fear of government interference.


Eastern Michigan University encourages this right and gives their students the opportunity to share their speech by allowing students to put it on the “wall of speech” in the middle of campus.


The “wall of speech” consists of two cement walls and nearby cement cylindrical kiosk located in the grassy area between the Rec/IM, Porter, and Pray-Harrold building. According to student government at EMU, these walls are a call for the students’ creativity to communicate upcoming events and other public messages.


Utilizing the wall is a great way for students to share their ideas about things going on, on campus or in the world. Whatever they want to write on the wall they can.


Whether a group or club on campus wants to promote an event, or whether a person randomly feels like painting, any and everyone should take advantage of this opportunity and should utilize the “wall of speech”


If a student or group would like to paint on the “wall of speech”, there are a few rules to remember:


  •    Any Eastern Michigan University student may access the walls and the kiosk at any time. Free-speech is waiting for everybody and for nobody! If you want to speak up, do it! But, if you don’t want to deliver your message on the wall of speech, the wall won’t wait for you… It is always there and will always communicate something.


  •    Painting any of these spaces does not guarantee that a message will remain for any amount of time. You might finish painting at 10 p.m. only to see the wall repainted again at 5:30 a.m. (true story)


  •    The best thing about free speech also contains its biggest weakness; all speech, even hate speech is protected.


  •    You must remember, “Every time hate speech is permitted, it costs someone part of his or her self, part of their self-respect, or part of their sanity” (unknown). Hate speech does not accomplish anything. We encourage political, educational and social deliberation that will challenge other people’s thoughts, but before acting, ask yourself what are you trying to achieve with your messages? How are people going to accept and interpret  the messages?


  •    If you were exposed to controversial statements that may offend you, try to see them as a spark of a conversation and a debate. The first amendment wasn’t designed to protect mainstream ideas that already have much support and no need for protection, so look at the message as an intellectual debate rather than personal attack.


We encourage all students to take out their paint and brushes and put their ideas out for everyone to see! So get out there and do something creative today!








Michal Liberman is an swimmer at EMU. She is a junior, majoring in public relations. Michal is from Israel originally, works part time in the EMU Division of Communications, and is featured in EMU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere banner campaign.

Nov 28 2017

Life Is Good When You Bleed Green and White! What It’s Like to be an EMU Tour Guide

by blogemu


      “Hi! My Name is Faith and I’ll be your tour guide today. We will be starting off right here in the number one student center in the nation! Down this hallway is….”


These sentences are ones that I am all too familiar with, but with every opportunity I have to rattle them off, I gain a sense of pride for this amazing university I get to call homE.  


      As mentioned above my name is Faith and I would like to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be a tour guide here at EMU! I have been working in the Admissions Welcome Center for about a year now and everyday is a new adventure.  

      I am going to highlight my three favorite things about working in the office in this post: working with the general public, the people I work with, and the university I get to show off.


      First of all, spending an hour and a half to two hours with complete strangers three times a week is always an adventure.  Since we are working with the general public you never really know what to expect.


      In fact, we go through around six weeks of training and a bulk of that training covers tough situations that may arise on tours, but I still have felt completely unprepared for some things that have happened.


Beyond that, you get to know these strangers and you leave feeling more like friends. It’s so cool to hear about people’s dreams and aspirations and what go them there.  I love learning about different people’s’ passion and watch their passion grow for this school throughout our route.


    Next, the people found in the Admissions Welcome Center identify more as a family than as a staff. It has been the time of my life working with some of my closest friends.


One of my favorite traditions in the office is when our whole team—tour guides, coordinators, advisors—get together and have breakfast before major events and start our day singing (more like scream) the EMU fight song together. The energy in the room is so positive and soooooo #TRUEMU.


      Finally, my favorite part about being a tour guide is being able to show off the place that changed my life.  Eastern Michigan University has meant so much to me and has really made me who I am.


The accepting and diverse atmosphere at EMU has allowed me to learn, grow, and explore myself more than I have ever imagined and I finally love who I am, because EMU loves who I am. I often think about who I might’ve become if I ended up elsewhere, and I don’t like the alternative.  


      Having a job where I can show others the freedom and opportunity found at this institution is amazing.  I am paid to talk about one of my favorite things in the world. What can I say, life is good when you bleed green and white!





Faith Salsbury is a sophomore from Toledo, Ohio studying Social Work with a minor in Leadership and a dream to go into Higher Education Student Affairs. Faith works as a Certified Tour Guide on campus and for the marketing department as a part of their awesome street team. Faith is also a proud member of Delta Zeta Gamma Sigma Sorority, The Diversity and Inclusion Group, and the Honors College.

Nov 15 2017

A Peek Into My World: What it’s like to be an international student at EMU

by blogemu

Upon meeting someone, it usually takes a person about 30 seconds to realize I am not American. As soon as I open my mouth to say something, people on campus realize I am an international student, and a sassy one at that.


Some of  the questions that I get asked on a regular basis as an international student invlude, “Why did you come to America?”, “What language are you dreaming in?”, “Where do you want to live in the future?”


If you are really interested in what life is like as an international student in America, then keep reading because I have some insights for you.


  • You can’t hide your identity

It’s not just your accent and name that turns you in, it’s the way you look and dress. It’s the way you talk and walk, and there might be something in your eyes that just screams – DIFFERENT. My advice to other international students would be to enjoy it, and take advantage of your difference. The different side in you is the one thing that will help you stand out.


  • You need to get used to the unique language

As an international student there are quite a few American sayings that I struggled with understanding at first. Some of these sayings that didn’t “ring a bell” when I first heard them included, The best thing since sliced bread, or to be held on by a thread,once in a blue moon.” How about saying Yup, instead of thank-you? or giving you the cold shoulderwhen you accidentally drive someone up the wall”? can someone get a “penny for my thoughts” here?


  • You represent your country, everyday, even if you don’t want to

International students don’t need to wear their country’s flag around their back to represent their country or ethnic identity. They can however, represent their home countries positively by treating others with respect and kindness. Also with their opinions, habits, gestures and behavior. As an international student, you are an ambassador of your country, everyday. Even if you don’t want to be, so remember that.


  • My gosh, those papers are hard

Grammar can be your worst enemy as a student in a country outside of your home language. As an international student simple grammar as well as vocabulary sometimes just doesn’t make sense in your brain.The worst of all is trying to master proper spelling! While these may seem like challenges at first, luckily with spell check these mistakes can be corrected. In my opinion, spell check is the best thing since sliced bread.


  • Being misunderstood

This thing that I wanted to say made perfect sense in my head, but here I am standing with this american who is trying to help me but doesn’t seem to guess what I want. Is it the way I pronounce and express myself? Being misunderstood can be frustrating and disheartening as an international student.


  • American food?!

Let me just say, peanut butter and jelly is weird! But that’s only the beginning of it. Why is there so much candy everywhere? What are these easy prep kits for meals? And these “just add water” formulas to the most complex dishes? It seems to me that everything is frozen and process. Can we go back to the simple life please? I really don’t want to get fat while living here. Luckily, campus has many healthy options that I choose from.


  • Homesick!

There is no cure for a case of homesickness. Somedays are just harder than others. There are days where your brain fails to cooperate in correct English, days where you just wish you could go to your favorite restaurant at home and eat the food you are used to, and days where you really wish your parents could share with you or moments where it would have been swell to just listen to the radio in your native language. While you can’t recreate traditional things that you love from your home country, you can do some of the American things that you love to help cheer you up!


Despite the challenges I have faced and overcome, I love America. Specifically, Eastern Michigan University have given me a lifetime experience from every possible perspective.


I wouldn’t trade the experience of studying at EMU for anything. The people I have met, the education I have received, and the sports team I am a part of are some of the best opportunities I could ever ask for in life.


To any international students, just remember, it’s okay to be different, and to have different biases and experiences. The challenges internationals are facing will only make us stronger, and we are lucky enough to have our university proud of the national and international diversity. Indeed, YouAreWelcomeHere!







Michal Liberman is an EMU swimmer and junior majoring in public relations and is swimmer. She is from Israel, works part time in the EMU Division of Communications and is featured in EMU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere banner campaign.

Nov 09 2017

The Season Of Giving- Give back with EMU!

by blogemu

There are many reasons why people volunteer. For some people, it’s the feeling of giving back or helping to better your community.


For others, it’s the opportunity to develop new skills and relationships. Maybe you only volunteer because it looks good on a resume or because you’re part of an org that requires volunteer hours.


Whatever the reason you volunteer may be, Eastern Michigan University and the Ypsilanti community have a ton of ways to give back.


Swoop’s Student Food Pantry is an org run by students for students. With the help of EMU faculty, staff, and alumni volunteers, Swoop’s Student Food Pantry provides current EMU students in need with food assistance and other resources to help their college success. You can give either your time, money, or non-perishable donations to this wonderful campus-based org.


VISION, or Volunteers Incorporation Service Into Our Neighborhoods is another campus based volunteer opportunity. This organization provides students with opportunities to learn more about social issues, develop leadership skills, and participate in a variety of different volunteer events. VISION’s student- led programs can provide you with LBC credit, pre-student teaching hours, a sense of community and a great way to get involved in the Ypsilanti community.


Since 2003, Growing Hope has been helping to empower the community through growing fresh produce. Their gardens are multipurpose. They provide produce, education, and positive social change. The organization promotes gardening in home, school, and community settings. Growing Hope engages 700 youth and teens gardening, healthy cooking and nutrition.


Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels has a long history of providing volunteer prepared meals to those in need. Since its founding in 1973, the organization has grown to meet the needs of the community. Their volunteers can do everything from delivering meals, researching and writing grants, office work, photography and more. Join Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels in providing approximately 200 hot meals and 200 cold meals each day.

Nov 01 2017

Midterms are just around the corner, are you ready?

by blogemu

Midterm Study Tips


It may feel like the school year just started, but we are already approaching the halfway point.


With this means that fall weather (or in our case what feels like early winter weather) is in full swing, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in stock, and midterms are ready to be taken.


One good thing about midterms is that now is your chance to see what your professors’ exams will look like come finals time.


For now, here are some tips on how to study for these tests:


  • Flashcards – It makes it easier if you’ve made flashcards throughout the year but it’s not impossible to catch yourself up in the weeks leading up to the midterm. You can put terms and definitions or even put important topics with descriptions on the cards. There is no limit to what can be put on the them. Color coordinating different topics or chapters can help your mind better remember what goes with what and help on the day of the test when attempting to recall information.


  • Quizlet – This free website utilizes the concept of flashcards but makes it easier to use and allows you to keep your flashcards with you everywhere you go. You make an account on their website, then you can create as many stacks of flashcards as you’d like and separate them by chapters or units. You can look at the information you’ve entered in standard flashcard form or you can choose from some of their interactive games that help you study your information in a different way. In addition, if you don’t have the time to make your own, you can always look up another stack of flashcards that someone else has made and study of off theirs. It’s a great tool if you’re in a rush or just looking for quick study session.


  • Study w/ a friend – One of the best ways to study is to get someone from your class (or even a friend that isn’t) and plan to study together. You can quiz one another on terms, ask questions and bounce ideas off one another. If you can, get together a whole group of people because what everybody knows can be different. and you can learn something you didn’t know before.


  • Switch up the scenery – Getting sick of looking at your dorm walls? EMU has many unique study places for its students. You can try the lounge in your dorm, the study spaces in the library (the third floor is the quiet floor!), and the student center has a study room near the new lobby shop on the main floor. You will never run out of places to try.


  • SLEEP – Last but not least, get some rest. Don’t stay up until 4 am every night studying and attempting to cram everything into your brain in one night. Space it out and get a good night’s sleep leading up to midterms week. You don’t want to study endlessly just to fall asleep during the test.



Olivia Wash is a sophomore at EMU and is currently majoring in marketing with a minor in apparels, textiles, and merchandising. She is involved with BlogEMU, AMA and the Honors College. When she’s not working for the Marketing Street Team or in class, you can find her working at Urban Outfitters in downtown A2.

Oct 25 2017

What’s Cookin’ on Campus? #NationalFoodDay

by blogemu

Let’s talk food. I mean it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite subject and it’s what we are supposed to talk about on National Food Day, right?


At EMU, we take food seriously and we want you to know about all the dining options on campus. With nearly 30 places to eat at, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.


If you think The Commons is the only place serving food… read on, because we are breaking down EVERY location for #NationalFoodDay.




That’s right. We have a Chick-fil-A on campus. Find it inside McKenny Hall and fall in love with crispy chicken sandwiches, golden waffle fries and dreamy milkshakes. After you try it, you will want to come here for lunch every day, we promise!



The Student Center:

Inside the number one student center in the nation, you will find a number of dining options including:


Mondo’s: Serving up subs, house-made chips & freshly baked cookies.


Starbucks: A must-visit cafe on campus, especially during October (PSL!!!). Our friendly baristas are serving up coffee and tea drinks, breakfast sandwiches and pastries, among other snacks.


Sono: Grab all your favorites like tacos, nachos, quesadillas & more at this location!  


Hasty Rabbit: Do you love gourmet soups, salads, sushi & lot’s of vegetarian/vegan options? Then you must check out Hasty Rabbit salad bar!


Build: Fast-fired pizza is made fresh and is ready in minutes at BUILD Pizza.  


Lobby Shop: This is a quick one-stop-shop and is perfect for grabbing sandwiches, chips, candy, bottled beverages, coffee, and more when you have limited time.


SmashBurger: It’s a west-coast burger joint that serves hand-smashed burgers, delicious, seasoned fries & creamy milkshakes.



The Eateries:


The Eateries is located in the first year center, sandwiched between Sellers & Walton residence halls. This location is open until 1 a.m. and has everything you crave past 10 p.m., inside you will find:


Grill Nation: Stop by Grill Nation if you are craving burgers & fries.


Cluck: Cluck is the best place to go if fried chicken is on the brain.


2Mato: Get all your Italian favorites like pasta, pizza and breadsticks at 2Mato.


Create Salad Bar: Want something healthier? Build your own fresh, made-to-order salads & wraps at Create Salad Bar!



CrossRoads MarketPlace

CrossRoads MarketPlace is an eclectic location with a deli, salad bar, hot bar, ice cream station and a convenience store all in one.


Create: Create is a deli and salad bar. They serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches, DIY salads and also ice cream.  


Chobani: Make-your-own Greek yogurt parfait at the Chobani Greek yogurt station.


Quarter Pi: It’s a late-night pizza spot. Order pizza by the slice or a whole pie to share with friends.


Innovation Kitchen: In the mood for home-cooked favorites & hot meals? Stop by Innovation Kitchen and you won’t be disappointed.  


MarketPlace: It is called CrossRoads MarketPlace for a reason. Inside you can find a whole convenience store selling quick food, bottled drinks, medicine, toiletries and other goods.



Eagle Cafes


The Eagle Cafes are great places to grab snacks, coffee, bottled drinks, donuts, sandwiches, fresh fruit & more in-between classes or when studying. There are six locations spread around campus, including cafes inside Pray Harrold, Alexander, Halle Library, Marshall, McKenny & the Science Complex



The Commons

The Commons is our only all-you-care-to-eat buffet-style dining hall. The menu changes on a daily basis and there are many monthly dining events that take place here. The Commons is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner daily.



Now that you know all the places you can eat on campus, grab a few friends and celebrate National Food Day the way it should be celebrated, with great food! Be sure to follow EMU Dining Services on social media @emichdining to stay updated on events, promotions and more!

Oct 18 2017

Follow the Green and White Road- Homecoming Block Party 2017

by blogemu


Homecoming at Eastern Michigan University is always a big deal for both students and faculty alike. From the great events like Paint and Pour, to the T-shirt Exchange and the EMU Football Game, this year’s Homecoming festivities are sure to be a hit!


One event that I look forward to most is the annual BLOCK PARTY.



At the Block Party, students can participate in fun games and contests to win cool prizes, listen to the latest and greatest music courtesy of Channel 955, see the EMU Cheer and Dance Team perform, and sample the delicious free food from a variety of local Ypsilanti restaurants including Ahmo’s Gyro, Mr. Pizza, Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse, and many more!


Be sure to stop by the EMU Marketing tent to get more information about upcoming campus events as well as free EMU swag giveaways! Additionally, EMU students can learn more about the Eagle Discount Program and how to use their student IDs for great discounts in and around the Ypsilanti area.


This year’s TRUEMU Homecoming Block Party event kicks off at 6pm on Friday, October 20, 2017 on the patio of the Student Center.


The event will run until about 8pm, immediately followed by the Pep Rally afterwards. So, bring your friends and come hangout with Swoop and have a great time at this year’s TRUEMU EMU Homecoming Block Party!


For more information on EMU Homecoming and all of the fun events, please visit: http://www.emich.edu/homecoming/events/?only=44


Check out last year’s EMU Homecoming video:






Camren Clouthier is a Junior at EMU currently studying Electronic Media and Film Studies (EMFS). In his free time, Camren enjoys making short films, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends. Camren also works in the Marketing department at Eastern and serves as one of the university’s student videographers.

Oct 17 2017

Top 5 things students should know about the GHDs and ACDs in their residence halls

by blogemu

Just who are these unsung heroes of your residence hall and what do they do?


Number 1: GHD stands for Graduate Hall Director:


The GHDs are in charge of the student staff (RA)s in your residence hall. They make sure RAs ( Resident Advisors) and CPs( Community Programmers) have everything they need to make your experience living in a residence hall awesome. This could be anything from paper for door decs to pizza for programs.  


Number 2: ACD stands for Area Complex Director:


The Area Complex Director is over the GHDs and may be in charge of more than one residence hall building. They also supervise nightwatch and community council. Like the GHDs their job is to foster community in the residence halls. They come up with ways to do just that on a daily basis. Then they communicate their vision with the GHDs and aim to create an environment where students can flourish.


Number 3: Need a room change?:


If you ever have to change your room you can talk to either the GHD or ACD. They both can help you with the process of switching your room.


Number 4: Have I seen you somewhere?:


You can catch GHDs or ACDs in their offices, which are located inside the residence halls. They also may be present at a program in the residence halls


Number 5: They love students and want them to succeed:


David Hendricks GHD of Sellers Hall states: “I enjoy being Graduate Hall Director because I love college students, I think there remarkable”. ACD of the Towers Josh McPhatter says, he wants residents to be able to reach their full potential while living here on campus.





Kevin Hillman is a junior at Eastern Michigan University. He is majoring in Public Relations because he enjoys the task of growing brands. Kevin also serves as the President for the Resident Housing Associations Executive Board, and he also is a Social Media Content Developer for Housing and Residence Life.


Oct 11 2017

A Day in the Life of a Student Athlete

by blogemu

It’s 11 a.m. I’m rushing to my first class, Philosophy. I sit down, take a deep breath and approach the guy next to me.


“Good morning,” I said.


“Good morning,” he said. “I just had the greatest nap ever!”


Welcome to the life of an EMU student-athlete. That is if you enjoy waking up before sunrise to begin working out in cold water while your body screams in pain, your mind stresses about deadlines and you hear about another student’s morning nap.


Morning practice: Wake up is 5:13 a.m. You got to get to the bathroom before your roommates do, get dressed, eat quickly and get to practice. Did you ever wonder just how cold water is at 6 a.m.? Did you ever smell a weight room first thing in the morning? Student-athletes know the value of morning practices and all of the sacrifices we make every day.


Switch status: Practice is over. Time for a shower and class. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay wide awake and focused through morning classes. Student-athletes must master time management skills because, for us, it appears there are more than 24 hours in a day. At least that’s how it feels.


Lunchtime: You are hungry, tired, sore, but mostly hungry. Sweets and fast food are out of the question. Student-athletes need to follow the “athlete plate guidelines”:


  • 50% grains
  • 25% lean protein (fish, eggs, dairy, soy, chicken, beef, etc.)
  • 25% lovely colorful vegetables (cooked, baked or fresh, never fried)


Hold your breath: It’s time for second practice. It’s all part of your commitment to yourself, your university and your team. Whether it’s lifting or technique work, aerobic or power, you have to be at your best. You endure two more hours of intense exercise. When you’re done, you stretch your muscles and go to the trainer’s room where there is a bucket of ice to take away the strain.


Homework: Evening is time to study, write papers and reports, and exercise. You walk to the library to complete study tables or visit the University Writing Center.


Bedtime: It’s time to organize your backpack for tomorrow, get into that fuzzy pajama and set your alarm for 5:13 a.m. Now it’s almost 9 p.m. and you need those hours of sleep. The most important gift you can give your body is recovery. Your brain will appreciate it, too.







Michal Liberman is an EMU swimmer and junior majoring in public relations. She is from Israel, works part time in the EMU Division of Communications and is featured in EMU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere banner campaign.