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Aug 09 2017

Advice for Freshmen

by blogemu

Let me first start off by saying WELCOME! You chose a great place to land here at EMU! I’m sure it still doesn’t feel real; you’re going to college, but it’s happening and the first day of classes will be here before you know it (September 6th)!


Prior to my freshmen year, four years ago, I hadn’t prepared anything until the week before I moved in. Yes, I procrastinated. Something I’m sure a lot of you could relate to however, once I was a week out from moving in I was completely stressed. Books, clothes, food, basic life necessities, I had to get it all and that whole week leading up to move in, it was not fun. So what’s the best advice I can give you?


  • Don’t procrastinate!

Beginning college is fun but it’s more fun when you’re prepared and ready to go! The best way to do this is by creating a checklist. By starting it now you can do a little each day leading up to move in just to be sure you don’t forget anything. Check your class schedule and email your professors to ask about course materials and textbooks!


  • You don’t need to decide right now!

Your major doesn’t need to be determined right away. This is something that I had a hard time understanding, however, general education courses are designed to give you an idea of what a certain major could look like so try out a variety of classes because you never know what you may enjoy if you never try! Which brings me to my next piece of advice…


  • Do something that makes you happy!

Trust me when I say you’ll regret it if you don’t. We often find ourselves worry about money when in reality we should worry less about money and focus on what makes us happy. Go into a field that will make you enjoy waking up for work in the morning!


  • Come prepared the first day of class!

Often times, professors will either email out the syllabus prior to the first day of class or they will post it to Canvas (primary website used to stay on top of all your courses). Check your Emich email and Canvas account often before classes start to get a good grip on what is expected throughout the semester!


  • Don’t lose the syllabus!

Professors lay out the entire semester into the syllabus’ and expect you to follow it, so never lose it and always look back at it. If you don’t you may miss/forget about assignments!


  • You pay for the classes you take — remember that!

Skipping class is going to happen, I get it but don’t skip class just to skip because at the end of the day regardless if you go or not, it’s still money out of your pocket! Skip wisely!


  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with classes when you register for Winter Semester!   

By now, you should be registered for Fall semester however, prior to Christmas Break you will need to register for Winter semester and when that time comes don’t overwhelm your schedule by taking the max credit hours (19). This may seem like a good idea because you want to graduate sooner but get a feel for college first, understand your limits and then schedule your classes in the future accordingly!


  • Get out of your comfort zone!

Join a club or organization on campus and meet new people. College is where you find yourself so go out, explore and find yourself!


  • Always carry an Umbrella and invest in good winter coat & boots!

The best piece of advice anyone could’ve given me before college was this. I came to EMU with a North Face windbreaker jacket (wasn’t even thick enough to be a coat), no umbrella and not one pair of warm boots.  I immediately regretted that decision the first day it snowed/rained!


  • Everything works out the way it meant too!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. College can be hard, it has its moments but one day you beginning your Freshman year and the next you’re registering for graduation like where has the time gone!?


Good Luck!





Courtney Carroll a senior at Eastern Michigan University double-majoring in Public Relations and Communication. Currently interning for University Marketing, she plans to graduate this fall with hopes of a future career in social media marketing! Connect with her on social @courtneyjjayne

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