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Feb 27 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Be an NSOA

by blogemu

10 Reasons why YOU should apply to be an NSOA:


An NSOA is a New Student Orientation Assistant and they work as a volunteer group
leaders of small groups of first year, and transfer students and leading them to all of the
different parts of their First Four Orientation experience.
1. You get roughly 70 hours of service hours. There are many campus organizations
that require service hours, and being an NSOA will count towards that
2. Being an NSOA is a great résumé builder
3. You get 5 FREE T-shirts, and a free swag bag as well filled with all of the goodies
that our first four orientation students get.
4. For all 3 days of NSOA training, as well as the 4 days of First Four you get fed FREE
food! All of the food during NSOA training is from EMU catering (AKA YUMMY)
5. You meet so many people during Orientation and with the amount of time that you
spend with them, you are bound to make some lasting friendships!
6. Being an NSOA is great way to get involved on Campus. Whether this is your first
time getting involved, or you are already apart of 4 organizations on campus, you
bound to get a lot out of this opportunity!
7. Being a mentor to new students is a very rewarding opportunity
8. Being an NSOA is a excellent way to learn new and interesting things about EMU
9. As an NSOA you get to participate in some of your favorite Orientation pastimes
such as Play fair, and you get to see Close Up!
10. Being an NSOA is overall a really fun experience where you can improve your
leadership skills.
Submit your application today!

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