May 15 2018

Learn to Learn

by blogemu

I believe anyone is capable of doing absolutely anything. The only thing ever holding someone back however, is themselves. Thinking that there’s “just no way” you can pick up the guitar or learn to knit is what stops you. Not simply being inexperienced. But if you can learn how to teach yourself skills, you can do anything. Effective learning is a skill everyone can make use of.


When learning something new, it is important to remember that you most likely won’t be a professional at the skill you want to learn right away. No one is. Critiquing yourself and learning from your practice is what results in progress. After each session of practice, reflect on what could have gone better. Where did you make mistakes? What was the cause of those mistakes? Keep those things in mind in the next session and actively work on those areas.

Next, you need to simply stick to it. Tasks will become harder as you push yourself farther into your new discipline, and that’s okay. Understanding that it’s not supposed to be easy is crucial. The cycle of practice >reflect >progress will never really end. A professional in any field will never cease practicing their skill.


The final portion of effective learning is the drive to want what you’re leaning. If you’re passionate about something, the odds are you’ll be good at it if you genuinely try. If you don’t care to learn guitar, why would you want to blister your fingers for it?


Cody Ryan Martell is a senior at Eastern Michigan University. He is a photographer for the University Marketing department, a content director for Modern Animal Marketing, and a dog enthusiast. 

May 10 2018

Life as an EMU Grad Student

by blogemu

Hey fellow Eagles! Congrats on the end of another school year done and over with! It’s really quite an indescribable feeling not having to worry about HOMEWORK! That in itself is a break enough for you to capture your thoughts, breathe and relax in the sunshine. As summer approaches, being outside has been on my mind a lot lately, however, as a graduate student at EMU my summers have changed. In fact, a lot of my life has changed in merely just one semester. I bet you could relate, huh?


My name is Courtney Carroll, I graduated Eastern Michigan University in December 2017 with my Bachelors Degree in Communication and Public Relations. Prior to graduation, I was a part of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) at EMU and worked in the Marketing Office as a student intern, focusing on Social Media Marketing. As a 23 year-old EMU Grad, I was on the fence with my life after graduation. That was when I was offered the opportunity that would practically make my decision for me.


Be a Graduate Assistant in the Marketing Office





This opportunity lead me to a world of connections and resources that has better equip me with transitioning out of college and into the real world – when that time comes in just over a year.


Through studying Integrated Marketing Communications through the College of Business’ two-year online program, I have been able to work consistently throughout the week in the office with remaining time left in my days to do homework when I get home. I would have to say the best part is doing it all online. Although in undergrad online classes weren’t my favorite, I have grown to like the free-time and flexibility they have to offer. In addition, this has really allowed me to better manage my time to adjust to a full-time working schedule.

While I understand not everyone has the same experiences in graduate school, for me it has been quite a pleasure to interact with a variety of individuals who all have a very diverse background. Entering graduate school right after undergrad has to have been one of the best decision I have made thus far in my life. It has taught me that I am nowhere near ‘knowing everything’ and has provided me with the additional knowledge needed to succeed in marketing and social media.


If you are interested in learning more about the College of Business’s IMC Graduate Program, click here (link –


If you are interested in applying to graduate school at EMU and would like to know more about becoming a Graduate Assistant, click here (link –


Courtney Carroll is an EMU Alum who works as a Graduate Assistant in the Marketing Office. Specifically focusing on the University’s Instagram and Snapchat account, she also handles the GoSocial Team and the Swoop Mascot program. In her free time, she enjoys being outside with her dog Tucker or on the water soaking up the sun. Catch up with Courtney on Instagram & Twitter @courtneyjjayne

May 08 2018

College of Technology Student Highlight: Jessica Wilson

by blogemu

Now that her days at Eastern Michigan University are behind her, EMU alumna Jessica Wilson is jetting off to Los Angeles to protect the data of a tech giant that has taken the industry by storm.


With roots in Willis, Michigan, Jessica never had much interest in going into a tech field. Upon starting college at Washtenaw Community College (WCC), Jessica took general education courses in hopes that she may discover her passion along the way. During her time at WCC, she bounced around between business, engineering, HR and even medicine, but nothing seemed to be a good fit. It wasn’t until an advisor pointed her in the direction of EMU in 2013 that she discovered her true passion- information assurance.


“I love the idea of security being a puzzle,” said Jessica. “It’s constantly changing and evolving, and I love the challenge of having to evolve and grow to keep up.”


Constantly challenging herself to grow is nothing new to Jessica. Upon transferring to EMU in the fall of 2014, she joined the Information Assurance student organization on campus where quickly rose through the ranks and became president of the club.


With the IA club, Jessica planned and organized YOLOcon, the Ypsilanti Online Learning Opportunity conference. First held in 2016, YOLOcon was attended by 65 people and featured 12 different talks with five sponsors. In 2017, the attendance rose to 77 people with 23 different talks and 11 sponsors.


While pursuing her major in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense with a minor in Computer Engineering Technology, Jessica further distinguished herself from her classmates by earning several awards and scholarships. As the recipient of the Women Studying Information Security scholarship, Jessica was awarded financial aid as well as opportunities to attend security conferences in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.


Jessica’s passion for IA has also led her to become an advocate and a mentor for other women who are interested in pursuing a career in tech. She has been volunteering with Digital Diva’s since December 2015, which is an organization that connects middle and high school women with career opportunities in STEM fields. She also founded the Women in Information Assurance group in the winter of 2016 which is a support group for women in the IA field.


On her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM fields, Jessica noted that “Security is a puzzle that has to be solved and if you have a bunch of people who are like-minded they are going to try to solve the puzzle in a very similar way. If there’s diversity in the industry there’ll be many more perspectives to help solve that puzzle. If the attackers are thinking outside the box, we need to make sure that the defenders are doing that as well.”


To her success, Jessica said that “I just really pushed myself. I started in 2014, and I just never stopped. To women entering tech fields, speak up, and don’t be afraid.”


Her grit and determination has opened many career doors that otherwise would never have been unlocked. While enrolled at EMU, she spent time hacking medical equipment for Virta Labs, a startup in Ann Arbor that focuses on medical device security and identification. She also secured two internships with Snap Inc., where she worked as a security engineer on the corporate security team.


Jessica has accepted a full-time position with Snap Inc. in Venice, California upon graduating in December 2017. She is looking forward to working with Snap for the considerable future, but hopes to one day work for Google.


Jessica was an extraordinary member of the culture at EMU, and we couldn’t be more excited for her and her future. Great work, Jessica!



This blog was brought to you by the College of Technology.