Oct 18 2017

Follow the Green and White Road- Homecoming Block Party 2017

by blogemu


Homecoming at Eastern Michigan University is always a big deal for both students and faculty alike. From the great events like Paint and Pour, to the T-shirt Exchange and the EMU Football Game, this year’s Homecoming festivities are sure to be a hit!


One event that I look forward to most is the annual BLOCK PARTY.



At the Block Party, students can participate in fun games and contests to win cool prizes, listen to the latest and greatest music courtesy of Channel 955, see the EMU Cheer and Dance Team perform, and sample the delicious free food from a variety of local Ypsilanti restaurants including Ahmo’s Gyro, Mr. Pizza, Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse, and many more!


Be sure to stop by the EMU Marketing tent to get more information about upcoming campus events as well as free EMU swag giveaways! Additionally, EMU students can learn more about the Eagle Discount Program and how to use their student IDs for great discounts in and around the Ypsilanti area.


This year’s TRUEMU Homecoming Block Party event kicks off at 6pm on Friday, October 20, 2017 on the patio of the Student Center.


The event will run until about 8pm, immediately followed by the Pep Rally afterwards. So, bring your friends and come hangout with Swoop and have a great time at this year’s TRUEMU EMU Homecoming Block Party!


For more information on EMU Homecoming and all of the fun events, please visit: http://www.emich.edu/homecoming/events/?only=44


Check out last year’s EMU Homecoming video:






Camren Clouthier is a Junior at EMU currently studying Electronic Media and Film Studies (EMFS). In his free time, Camren enjoys making short films, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends. Camren also works in the Marketing department at Eastern and serves as one of the university’s student videographers.

Oct 17 2017

Top 5 things students should know about the GHDs and ACDs in their residence halls

by blogemu

Just who are these unsung heroes of your residence hall and what do they do?


Number 1: GHD stands for Graduate Hall Director:


The GHDs are in charge of the student staff (RA)s in your residence hall. They make sure RAs ( Resident Advisors) and CPs( Community Programmers) have everything they need to make your experience living in a residence hall awesome. This could be anything from paper for door decs to pizza for programs.  


Number 2: ACD stands for Area Complex Director:


The Area Complex Director is over the GHDs and may be in charge of more than one residence hall building. They also supervise nightwatch and community council. Like the GHDs their job is to foster community in the residence halls. They come up with ways to do just that on a daily basis. Then they communicate their vision with the GHDs and aim to create an environment where students can flourish.


Number 3: Need a room change?:


If you ever have to change your room you can talk to either the GHD or ACD. They both can help you with the process of switching your room.


Number 4: Have I seen you somewhere?:


You can catch GHDs or ACDs in their offices, which are located inside the residence halls. They also may be present at a program in the residence halls


Number 5: They love students and want them to succeed:


David Hendricks GHD of Sellers Hall states: “I enjoy being Graduate Hall Director because I love college students, I think there remarkable”. ACD of the Towers Josh McPhatter says, he wants residents to be able to reach their full potential while living here on campus.





Kevin Hillman is a junior at Eastern Michigan University. He is majoring in Public Relations because he enjoys the task of growing brands. Kevin also serves as the President for the Resident Housing Associations Executive Board, and he also is a Social Media Content Developer for Housing and Residence Life.


Oct 11 2017

A Day in the Life of a Student Athlete

by blogemu

It’s 11 a.m. I’m rushing to my first class, Philosophy. I sit down, take a deep breath and approach the guy next to me.


“Good morning,” I said.


“Good morning,” he said. “I just had the greatest nap ever!”


Welcome to the life of an EMU student-athlete. That is if you enjoy waking up before sunrise to begin working out in cold water while your body screams in pain, your mind stresses about deadlines and you hear about another student’s morning nap.


Morning practice: Wake up is 5:13 a.m. You got to get to the bathroom before your roommates do, get dressed, eat quickly and get to practice. Did you ever wonder just how cold water is at 6 a.m.? Did you ever smell a weight room first thing in the morning? Student-athletes know the value of morning practices and all of the sacrifices we make every day.


Switch status: Practice is over. Time for a shower and class. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay wide awake and focused through morning classes. Student-athletes must master time management skills because, for us, it appears there are more than 24 hours in a day. At least that’s how it feels.


Lunchtime: You are hungry, tired, sore, but mostly hungry. Sweets and fast food are out of the question. Student-athletes need to follow the “athlete plate guidelines”:


  • 50% grains
  • 25% lean protein (fish, eggs, dairy, soy, chicken, beef, etc.)
  • 25% lovely colorful vegetables (cooked, baked or fresh, never fried)


Hold your breath: It’s time for second practice. It’s all part of your commitment to yourself, your university and your team. Whether it’s lifting or technique work, aerobic or power, you have to be at your best. You endure two more hours of intense exercise. When you’re done, you stretch your muscles and go to the trainer’s room where there is a bucket of ice to take away the strain.


Homework: Evening is time to study, write papers and reports, and exercise. You walk to the library to complete study tables or visit the University Writing Center.


Bedtime: It’s time to organize your backpack for tomorrow, get into that fuzzy pajama and set your alarm for 5:13 a.m. Now it’s almost 9 p.m. and you need those hours of sleep. The most important gift you can give your body is recovery. Your brain will appreciate it, too.







Michal Liberman is an EMU swimmer and junior majoring in public relations. She is from Israel, works part time in the EMU Division of Communications and is featured in EMU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere banner campaign.