May 18 2017

Why EMU business grads hit the ground running with more than a degree

by blogemu

Eastern Michigan University has the country’s top-ranked student center.

Let’s be honest. Having the country’s top-ranked student center doesn’t hurt. Stevie Newton spent many hours there during her undergraduate years at EMU (drinking lots of Starbucks because, she says only half-joking, college students have coffee in their blood and need it to function).


But there’s a bigger reason Newton transferred to EMU to finish her 4-year degree, becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college:


EMU’s College of Business is a pathway to opportunity.


Wherever you go, “Eastern Michigan University” rings a bell. Newton, who graduated in December, now has a degree linking her name with EMU’s and the respected mix of academic training and real-world training that it signifies.


“It’s great knowing I have this big accomplishment and when I go and pursue my career I can say I have a degree that helped me grow as a person, grow as a professional and helped me gain that knowledge in the classroom to apply in the real world,” Newton said.


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Want more reasons EMU’s College of Business is the place for you?


*Our AACSB accreditation may sound wonky, but what it means is that our business school is practical and down to earth. We don’t just teach business theory. We help students apply it.


*We’re a state university that’s big enough to have the resources students need, yet small enough to foster the sense of community students want. Classes in EMU’s College of Business have only 30 to 40 students – not hundreds – so you can actually get to know your professors. You’re able to meet with an advisor when you need, to get the individual attention you need. You won’t get lost in a crowd.


*Non-traditional students fit right in. The average age in the College of Business is 26 years old. We offer flexible scheduling including evening classes, weekend classes and online classes to meet the unique demands of working professionals. Make an appointment to meet with our advisors


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*EMU’s College of Business has unique articulation agreements with community colleges throughout Michigan and Ohio, pre-approving the transfer of credits not just in general education but also in business. You can earn an EMU degree with two-thirds of your credits coming from a community college.


*Having working professionals in the classroom along with tenured faculty with business experience makes for a dynamic learning environment. Plus, the EMU student body is diverse with students from around the world and across the socioeconomic spectrum. Students at EMU build a network of relationships that adds value to the degree they earn.


*You get more bang for the buck at EMU. Annual net tuition is 25-percent lower than the national average. Yet, alumni make 10-percent more money 10 years out of school than peers from other colleges around the country. Upon graduation, 94 percent of EMU College of Business alumni have jobs earning an annual salary in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.


Oh, by the way, the Princeton Review says EMU has one of the nation’s best business schools in 2017. That’s because EMU College of Business graduates hit the ground running.


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“The education here is great,” said Newton, who is working off-campus for a global logistics supply company while pursuing a fully online master’s degree in integrated marketing communications at Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business.


“When you come here you can work with your professors. You can use all the resources in this environment to better yourself for your future. Moving forward, you’ll have a great experience.”


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May 17 2017

Part 1 Hola Ecuador: Candace’s Study Abroad Experience at EMU

by blogemu

The anticipation is mounting. A new adventure is on the horizon. I am anxiously awaiting my first trip out of the country. Studying Abroad has always been a dream of mine, and on May 18th, I leave for the trip of a lifetime to Ecuador! Buenos Dias!


As an undergraduate, I never had the opportunity to study abroad and I was convinced I would never have the opportunity after I graduated. Starting graduate school this fall, I was surprised to learn that my program of study had a study abroad course offered. The program is titled, “Becoming Global Citizens” and is an 11-day trip to Quito, Ecuador. It is a faculty-led program by Dr. Raul Leon. Dr Leon is from Ecuador, so this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.


This study abroad trip will include cultural, tourist, and academic excursions to fully immerse all of us into the Ecuadorian culture. The excursion I am most excited about is to the Gondola ride to the top of the Pichincha Volcano, but every excursion will help us become true Global Citizens. We will stand on the equator. We will walk through a valley of a dormant volcano. We will visit the Otavalo Indigenous Market. We will relax in hot springs. We will go to a Chocolate Factory and the Mindo Cloud Forest. We will get to visit local schools and learn about their educational system. We will gain valuable skills through learning cultural competencies.


For this trip, I have a few goals.

  • One is to open up more to my classmates and be more open to new experiences.
  • The second is to learn as much as I can every day and write about it in a journal as a keepsake of my first experience abroad (and keep it to continue through my hopefully many more experiences abroad).
  • The third is to let go of all of my preconceived notions about Ecuadorian/South American experiences and people to truly learn about their culture and to learn empathy and how to be a global citizen.


I will follow up on these in my blogs to come, but I am excited to share this experience with you and let you see my personal journey and growth on this short trip abroad.


May 14 2017

EMU’s ‘intrusive advising’ can overcome barriers to 4-year degree

by blogemu

It might sound uncomfortable, but “intrusive advising” is exactly what students need to overcome barriers to a 4-year bachelor’s degree and get on track for a more promising career. It’s like a proactive Q&A with a college advisor (so it is an interrogation of sorts!) that helps identify obstacles to finishing a degree and figure out in advance how to get past them.


Do you have the time to finish a degree? Can you afford it? How can you balance classes with work? With family? With the rest of things you value in life?


At Eastern Michigan University, many College of Business students aren’t fresh out of high school. They’re living life, and dealing with its challenges. They’re juggling school, work, family, and more, and they’re rising to the occasion.


Make an appointment with an EMU advisor to chart a course for finishing your college degree.


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How? They’re getting good “intrusive advising” – otherwise known as helpful guidance. Here’s a description from Deedra Springgay, the Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Services in EMU’s College of Business:


“We have a conversation. I ask a lot of questions. I don’t just tell you what classes you have left to do. I want to sit down with you and find out what’s happening in your life.


“We have students with cancer. We have students with small kids at home. We have students who commute. We have students who want to get done as quickly as possible. All of those are going to have different paths, and we match the path to the student. We’re really here to make sure you get through college in a timely and efficient path. My teammates and I really want to do the best we can for each of our individual students.”


Whatever your situation, it’s possible to transfer to EMU and complete a business degree. Time and money are common problems that can be solved with wise planning and helpful guidance.


Whether you’re in community college or it has been a few years since you’ve been in a classroom, you can make an appointment to meet with an advisor in EMU’s College of Business and talk about how finishing your degree can help you achieve your professional goals. You can meet with an EMU advisor at any time for free, even if you haven’t started applying for admission.


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By asking “intrusive” questions, EMU can help you figure out how to make college work for you by charting a course that takes into account your unique situation. We can talk about how an EMU business degree can boost your career and job prospects, and what kind of return on investment to expect.


The process and timeline for going back to college may look different for you than for a traditional undergraduate. It might even look different from every other student on campus. But the result will be the same: a degree from a business school that The Princeton Review has named one of the country’s best for 2017.


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