Feb 14 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by blogemu

Happy Valentines Day, Eagles!


Today we celebrate love and romance with candy, chocolates, flowers and hearts.


Traditionally, couples celebrate valentine’s day, however, today is about love so whether you’re in a relationship or not, be kind today – spread love.


Here are a few things you can do today to celebrate this annual holiday of love:


  1. EMU Women’s Basketball vs. Ohio



For the LOVE of FOOD! Head on over to the Convocation Center and watch EMU Women’s Basketball take on Ohio at 7 pm. Students get in free with their student ID.


In addition, student will also receive FREE Aubree’s Pizza Buffet in the student lounge. The best part about a night at the convocation center, during half time another 10k Putt will take place. Last 10K Putt Night, an EMU Student won $10,000!


  1. Formosa Quartet


This week, EMU’s School of Music & Dance welcomes the award-winning Formosa Quartet for a week-long residency (Feb. 12-17). Praised for their “spellbinding virtuosity” (BBC Music Magazine), Formosa will lead a series of master classes, rehearsals, presentations focusing on performance, community engagement, and career development.


Join the Quartet for the final concerts February 15th at 7:30 pm in Pease Auditorium and February 16th at 7:30 pm in the Honors College. To learn more information about the Formosa Quartet and their week-long residency click here!


  1. Tower Inn (https://www.towerinncafe.com)


If the free pizza buffet at the EMU Women’s Basketball game, head on over to Ypsilanti’s beloved Tower Inn for a heart-shaped pizza to celebrate this day of love. Enjoy the night with their late night happy hour appetizer specials so you don’t break the bank!


  1. Justin Moore Concert



Are you a country music fan? There is still time to purchase tickets to country music star, Justin Moore concert this Saturday, February, 17th at 7pm. The concert is taking place at EMU’s very own Convocation Center. For details on the concert and to purchase tickets click here!


Whether you’re in love or you’re spreading the love, enjoy this Valentine’s Day with the ones who mean the most to you and the homE that means the most to you! Happy Valentines Day, Eagles!


Feb 07 2018

College of Technology Student Highlight- Kyla Berry

by blogemu


After her plane landed in Costa Rica, Kyla Berry took a small boat five hours down a river until reaching the heart of the rainforest. This was the place that she would call home for the next two years.


Kyla spent some time educating local children which she found to be very challenging, asthe humidity kept them from using books or electronics.


After spending two years in the rainforest, she got a change of scenery and spent a year living on top of a mountain before ultimately deciding to return to the United States.


Before she retired to Costa Rica, Kyla worked as a lead & standards flight crew member for the automotive industry. Her responsibility was to be on board of aircraft owned by automotive companies to ensure that all FAA standards were being satisfied before, during and after flights.


This line of work gave Kyla the opportunity to travel the world and see more places than most people could ever dream of.


But it just wasn’t right for Kyla, and she wanted to do something different. Sensing a decline in automotive industry flight departments around 2010, she decided to jump on the opportunity to retire early, and spent three years living in Costa Rica.


After returning to Ann Arbor in 2013, Kyla focused her energy on continuing her education and has earned a BBA and MBA. She is currently a doctoral fellow at EMU, and will earn her Ph.D after completing the winter 2018 semester.


Her thesis is on unmanned commercial passenger aircraft, which she believes is the next big thing in aviation technology. She is also teaching classes within the Technology Management program.



In order to present on her thesis at events such as the 2018 NAIAS Auto Show, Kyla utilizes drones as a visual aid. Because of this, Kyla has serendipitously become known as Eastern’s unofficial “drone person.”



Since getting involved with drones, she has also become a fully certified drone pilot.
Most recently, Kyla has been working to bring a unique drone product to market.



Set to go on sale summer 2018, there are only a few details that Kyla can share. “Essentially, it’s a drone
product developed with a focus on STEM education,” Kyla said. “It’s the first commercial drone
to be marketed as 100% made in Michigan.”



Looking to the future, Kyla has no limit for what she hopes to achieve. “You have to be fearless,”
Kyla said. “You also have to be flexible with your career path and not be afraid to walk through a
door when it opens, no matter how unlikely the opportunity may seem.”



Armed with that mentality, Kyla hopes to continue her work as an educator as well as consult with companies on technology implementation in the workplace. Finally, she sees a massive opportunity to utilize Detroit as a manufacturing hub for her educational drone company. “Detroit has the infrastructure, the talent and the workforce to be a real competitor,” she said.



After being unsure of her future upon returning from Costa Rica in 2013, Kyla has earned two
degrees, has almost finished her Ph.D, has built a program at EMU from the ground up and is
almost ready to bring a brand new product to market.



Not a bad way to spend five years. Kyla, on behalf of the College of Technology, we can’t wait to see what heights you will reach!





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Feb 05 2018

How To Beat The Winter Blues: Campus Edition

by blogemu

Winter is upon us, and with the winter comes SAD.


SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it’s a lot more than just being sad. Psychology Today reports that SAD affects 10 million Americans every year, with 10 to 20 percent more people experiencing a mild form of the disorder.


The cold can really take a toll on your well-being during a Michigan winter, but there are plenty of resources and things to do on campus that can help!



Talk to someone. It’s okay to reach out for help when it comes to your feelings and emotions. CAPS and the College of Education Counseling Clinic offer free services to students, faculty, and staff of EMU. For medication management, a psychiatrist is located in Snow Health Center, as well.


Get active. Getting out of bed and going to the gym during the winter may seem unbearable, but it really does help. Integrating a walk around the track in the Rec I/M not only help release endorphins but it also helps your sleep schedule, which can really help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Grab a friend or make an awesome playlist for some extra motivation.


Get involved. Planning fun activities during the winter months can help give you something to look forward to. Try joining a student organization, attending a program in your residence hall, going to events at the Student Center/around campus, or even going to a study group at the library. Want a reason to dress up and have fun? The Snow Ball is taking place February 8th in the Student Center Ballroom from 8pm-11pm, RSVP here!


Have any more tips for helping with SAD? Let us know in the comments! And just remember, spring is right around the corner.



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