Jan 16 2017

EMU in the Dominican Republic

by blogemu


Sometimes, students stumble upon an extraordinary opportunity to change themselves and those around them. Dan Czaplicki is one of those students. He is a College of Education student majoring in secondary special education CI and minoring in PE teaching. This past summer Dan was given the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic as an intern in the city of Jarabacoa, at Genesis Special School.


Before embarking on his journey Dan said that putting the trip into perspective before he left was a major part in preparation for his trip, in his mind and heart. He began the trip with an open heart and mind and ready for the unexpected. When prepping to go on his journey Dan told himself to remember and keep in mind his intentions for this experience but also to not have an expectation in order to get the most out of each day. Dan did just that, although some days seemed more challenging than others Dan kept a gentle reminder to himself to see each day for that it was and get the most out of it.


Out of his element, he took a chance and seized the opportunity. Dan wanted to remember this experience and share it with those back home so he decided that once a week he would blog about his feelings and what he had done that week. His decision to write the blog was twofold. It was an easy way to keep family and friends updated on what he was doing but it would also be helpful and easy to look back on his experience once he returned home.

By the end of the internship, Dan felt as if he was in a foreign place back at “home” in Michigan and had a valuable experience overall.

Dec 21 2016

Gifts On a Budget: 5 Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

by blogemu

It’s that time of year again. The feeling of panic as the semester comes to a close. Although it’s holiday time, we are college students and first and foremost that means finals, and finals mean studying, and studying means no time for gift shopping.


Now I know what you might be thinking. Just the thought of shopping hurts the bank account – been there, done that…every year. But this year is different because I have some full proof budget friendly gift ideas that will get you through the holiday season with flying colors, and maybe even a few compliments!

1. Jar Kits

I know, seems unoriginal but I am telling you guys everyone loves a sweet treat or two over the holidays. These made-to- bake jar kits filled with yummy goodness like cookie mix are going to fill the hearts of your loved ones with joy just knowing you thought of them! The best part is that you can simply pick up the supplies at your local dollar store. Spice it up with some festive ribbon and viola!

cookie mixes


2. Gift Cards

If you’re tight on the moola this season, simply a $5 to $10 gift card to Starbucks or Subway says a lot! It shows you’re thinking of them and understand their need for caffeine and food. It’s the perfect gift that won’t break the bank! And with a cute DIY card holder, you can get creative and personalize it for the holidays! Pro tip: Buy them at Kroger and save on gas too. Bonus!

gift card


3. Candles

If you’re like me & everyone else you will love to not only receive a candle as a gift but give one as well! Available pretty much everywhere, you can find the perfect scent for everyone on your list – it will smell like a million bucks but will only cost a couple…shhh…secret’s safe with me! Personal favs are at Target and Meijer! All under $10 too!


4. Fuzzy Socks

The best part about these..they never go out of style! Fuzzy socks are super affordable and pretty much available everywhere! You can get them in just plain colors or super cool designs! They are perfect for the holidays cause they keep your toes warm too!


5. Picture Frame Keep Sake

For someone who likes to get a little more creative, this is the perfect gift for you! Frame your fav photo of you and your family and/or friends, spice up the frames with some paint and cool designs! Customize it to your friends taste and you have yourself the perfect gift that will last forever!

DIY Photo Frame

All these budget-friendly ideas are the perfect holiday gifts that are sure to get you through the season with many compliments! All these gifts are available for under ten dollars each, but look like a million bucks!

Remember, it’s the thought that counts! Happy Holidays!

Nov 22 2016

Two-Factor Authentication at EMU

by blogemu

If there were one buzzword tied to secuity breacesh in the headlines it would have to be phishing. Very targeted emails trick even the most observant users into clicking links they should not click and give their passwords to sites they should not trust. We see this at EMU all too often. It is a difficult problem to solve. Even if you spot most of the attempts you only have to be wrong once to be compromised. This is probably why we saw as many as thirty compromised accounts in a given month here at EMU.


We decided to address the problem from a different angle. What if it didn’t matter as much if someone clicked a link and put in his or her password? What if that password alone was not enough for the hacker to access the account? Two-factor authentication makes this a reality. To that end, EMU now implements Duo Security for two-factor authentication.


Duo makes use of your password, which is something one knows, but also requires something one has, which is usually a smartphone in order to prove who he or she is. Now even if a hacker gets a password it won’t do them any good if it is protected by Duo. The list of things Duo can protect continues to grow. It protects EMU Google email and anything else that uses our CAS single-sign-on (things like my.emich and Canvas). It also protects our VPN and back-end servers.


Duo is available free for all faculty, staff, and students. They can enroll using their NetID and Password. For more information check visit their website.