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Sep 13 2016

10 Things You Should Do Freshmen Year On Campus

by blogemu

eastern michigan university campus

Welcome to the EMU Family! You’ve started classes and begun to learn more about Eastern Michigan University, but perhaps you’re looking for things to participate in and not sure where to start. No worries – some of EMU’s current Eagles have come up with a list of 10 things to do during your first year on campus!


10 Things You Should Do Freshmen Year On Campus

  1. Attend a sporting event: Did you know that all sporting events are FREE for current students? Cheer on your fellow Eagles in football, basketball, track & field, and so much more! Check out the EMU Athletics website for season schedules and more information!
  2. Play sand volleyball/oozeball: Located in EMU’s University Park, two sand volleyball courts are available to play as you like! Come with a team already put together, or join a team there! Another fun opportunity, oozeball, is volleyball with a muddy twist! Form a team and play volleyball in the mud just outside of Hoyt Hall.
  3. Go ice skating on the pond: The pond, located near the EMU Student Center is a beautiful spot to hang out with friends in warmer weather. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the weather gets chilly, though! Big Bob’s Lakehouse occasionally rents out ice skates to EMU students!
  4. Attend a Thursday Night Lounge: Sky, Laugh, Lyric or Open Mic: Every Thursday in the EMU Student Center at 9 pm is a themed night of fun! Bring your dancing shoes to Sky Lounge for some jazz music and swing dancing! Bring your best up Stand Up comedy act to Laugh lounge. Bring your best slam poetry to Lyric Lounge. Come ready to perform whatever your heart desires to Open Mic night! Not in a performing mood? No worries! Come and enjoy any of the 4 lounges and be prepared to be entertained!
  5. Join a campus organization: Looking to get involved on campus but not sure where to start? Attend Fajita Fest or Winter Fest to meet representatives from many of our student organizations or check out Campus Life’s website for the complete list! Not seeing something you’re interested in joining but have an idea for a club or organization to start? Visit Campus Life’s office on the third floor of the Student Center to get started!
  6. Watch a performance at Pease Auditorium or Quirk-Sponberg: Pease and Quirk-Sponberg house auditoriums where concerts, ensembles, and productions are performed. Check out upcoming performances in Pease Hall and Quirk-Sponberg!
  7. Go to a professor’s office hours: Office hours are days and times an instructor will be in his/her office and available to students. Use this time to ask questions, get to know your professor, or clarify class concepts! Your professor’s office hours will be included on the syllabus you receive at the beginning of your semester.
  8. Participate in an Intramural or Club Sport: Get a few friends together to play an intramural or club sport through the REC/IM. Sign up online or go visit the front desk with any questions. Sports offered include Volleyball, Basketball, Flag Football and more! Interested in a club or intramural sport? Contact information for club sports and registration information for intramural sports is found on the Rec/IM’s website.
  9. Check out Downtown Ypsilanti and Depot Town: Get to know the community you’re now a part of! Both downtown and Depot Town are beautiful historic areas of “Ypsi” and packed with shops, restaurants, museums, and other entertainment and attractions!
  10. Get a picture with Swoop: Swoop is our beloved mascot at Eastern! However, Swoop’s identity is a mystery – you might even have a class or befriend the student behind the mask. Nevertheless, your time at EMU isn’t complete without a picture with the head Eagle!

Sep 06 2016

Parent Advice

by blogemu

The transition to college can be a tumultuous experience for both students and parents. As parents, you watch as your children branch out, make mistakes, and start to become who they will be for the rest of their lives. Even if your student commutes from home, they are not present as often, have new communities they are a part of, and are just simply spending time elsewhere. With all of these new changes, it can be hard to find a balance between staying involved in your student’s life and letting them grow in their new environments. Here are some ways to try and do just that:


  1. Communicate – The first step to solving any problem is communication. Communicate your expectations clearly to your student, but also listen to what they have to say. They may be feeling overwhelmed by school, or like you’re becoming the “helicopter parent,” but try not to dismiss their claims as young-adulthood rebellion.
  2. Compromise – It would be nice if two people could just communicate into an agreement on every issue, every time, but we know that getting everything you want isn’t practical. You have to try and work with your student, especially if they live at home, to make sure that you both are comfortable with the situation.
  3. Allow them to be adults – Sometimes it can be hard to let go of your child. With communication and compromise, try and find a common ground so that they feel empowered to make the right decisions in their life. There will come a point where you cannot make their decisions for them.
  4. Support, not judgment – People make mistakes. Students make even more mistakes. It is important that your student feels like they can approach you for help and not be judged. That doesn’t mean consequences are out of the question; however, consequences should come from trying to help them better themselves, not out of anger. Help them reach out to resources (especially here on campus) that can help them with their issues.

Aug 26 2016

Tips for Move-In

by blogemu

Written by: EMU student, Stephanie Bardoni

EMU move-in

Moving on campus was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Now in my senior year, this is my fourth year living on campus; two years in a residence hall and two years in the on-campus apartments. Living on campus allows me to live where I learn, and be a part of a supportive community of students and friends who I’ve built relationships with over my four years at EMU.


Living in the residence halls helped me transition into life away from home. RA’s do a great job of making you feel a part of something bigger than just the four walls of your bedroom. Whether it’s them knocking on your door with candy while you study or them hosting a program about on-campus resources, they are there for you.

EMU Move-in

Move in day is near, and I am so excited for all of you taking the leap into on-campus living. Whether you’re a freshman or transfer student, moving in will be exciting and even a little scary. Moving in is stressful, but here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Even before leaving for EMU, make sure you don’t over pack. Do you really need all 22 pairs of shoes you have? Probably not. Bring only what you need.
  • Make sure to have your emich ID ready & actived when you come to your hall to check in.
  • If you have a small dolly or cart, bring it! The residence halls will have these available, but you’re moving in with hundreds of others who will also need them.
  • Get everything moved in before you start trying to decorate. I know you all want to channel your inner property brothers but suppress that at least until you’ve emptied your cars.
  • Also, if you want to arrange your room furniture in a specific way, do it before you start unpacking. You can maximize space differently in each hall, but utilizing shelves & putting storage containers and dressers underneath beds will make your room look much bigger than you think.
  • Lastly, relax! Moving in is stressful, but staying calm will make a world of difference. Also, be nice to mom and dad. It’s just as hard on them as it is on you.

Welcome to on-campus living! I hope you enjoy your time here just as much as I have. If you haven’t applied, there’s still time! Visit for more information!