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Nov 22 2016

Two-Factor Authentication at EMU

by blogemu

If there were one buzzword tied to secuity breacesh in the headlines it would have to be phishing. Very targeted emails trick even the most observant users into clicking links they should not click and give their passwords to sites they should not trust. We see this at EMU all too often. It is a difficult problem to solve. Even if you spot most of the attempts you only have to be wrong once to be compromised. This is probably why we saw as many as thirty compromised accounts in a given month here at EMU.


We decided to address the problem from a different angle. What if it didn’t matter as much if someone clicked a link and put in his or her password? What if that password alone was not enough for the hacker to access the account? Two-factor authentication makes this a reality. To that end, EMU now implements Duo Security for two-factor authentication.


Duo makes use of your password, which is something one knows, but also requires something one has, which is usually a smartphone in order to prove who he or she is. Now even if a hacker gets a password it won’t do them any good if it is protected by Duo. The list of things Duo can protect continues to grow. It protects EMU Google email and anything else that uses our CAS single-sign-on (things like my.emich and Canvas). It also protects our VPN and back-end servers.


Duo is available free for all faculty, staff, and students. They can enroll using their NetID and Password. For more information check visit their website. 



Nov 21 2016

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program at EMU

by blogemu

Written by MPA Student Jeremy Rosenberg


It is not difficult to look around the State of Michigan and see problems in need of solutions. Cities in bankruptcy. Poisoned water. The problems seem overwhelming at times and are not helped by the partisan divide that plagues our political system.


What is needed to help solve the deep problems that we face together is professional, objective administrators who put good government ahead of politics. Whether your personal philosophy leads you to Democratic Socialism or Libertarianism, we all want a government that competently delivers services to the people.


A Master’s in Public Administration at EMU can help prepare you to be an objective, professional administrator. An MPA at EMU will teach you the nuance of public budgeting, how to properly interpret statistics, and how to navigate public organizations in today’s murky environment.


An MPA at EMU means working to find data-driven solutions to the problems we face in society. If you find the thought of public service to be inspiring but are turned off by the political rhetoric of the day, an MPA at EMU gives you the chance to serve the public in a way that is truly impactful.

Nov 15 2016

Midterm Study Tips

by blogemu

Study Tips

Midterms are coming! We have put together a list of study tips to help you with those late night study sessions. Take a look!

  1. Note Cards - Yes note cards are time-consuming, but they are great for definitions! Plus writing it out is proven to help you remember the information better!

  2. Find Your Quiet Place – It is easy to promise yourself that you can study while jamming to your favorite song or watching your favorite show. But, if you really want to take in the information that you’re trying to study then be sure to find a quiet place with no screens so you can focus and get that ‘A’ on your midterm.

  3. Practice, Practice, Practice – Is your math exam freaking you out? Forgot how to do a problem or have trouble remembering equations? Just do practice problems! It will help you commit it to memory. For extra help, head to the MathLab (room 411) at Pray-Harrold.

  4. Make Time for Yourself – While it’s good to stay consistent with studying, just make sure that you don’t over do it. Be sure to take study breaks to relax, eat and always make sure that you have enough rest or else you won’t be able to focus. Having a healthy balance of work and play is a crucial role not only during midterms and finals but in college overall.

In short, make sure you take the time to study and find a routine that works for you! Good luck!


Written by EMU students: Kayla Henneman and Justin Walters