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Oct 17 2016

College Knowledge: Things to Know When Considering Colleges

by blogemu

By: Kayla Henneman

Your senior year of high school is here and there are so many amazing experiences! It is also time to take the next step and pick a college. If you were anything like me, you may be completely lost and don’t know where to start. To help with this decision, I asked the experts at Eastern Michigan University’s Admissions Department for some advice. They told me about the major topics you want to consider when choosing a college of university. They include:


Majors/Degrees: Some students already have their careers planned and know what they want to do after college and others are still looking. When considering a college it is important to have one that has the majors and degrees you want or can give you many options to pick from.


Location: When thinking about location there are many things to consider. Do you plan to commute or come home often or are you looking for a chance to step out of your comfort zone and live away from home?  Are you a city person or a country person? If you live in a certain location will it help you feel more at home or get a job? Are there plenty of things to do on and off campus?


Cost and Financial Aid: What can you afford? Do you have money saved up to help pay for college? How many years are you planning on going to school? Price also changes depending on the different type of schoolings like community, public, or private. No one wants to be in debt forever. Which is why we must look at financial aid. Does one school give more financial aid than another? There are government loans and grants along with private ones. These can help make your dream school affordable.


Admission Rate and Criteria: We need, to be honest with ourselves and look at where we are at. What’s my GPA and SAT/ACT scores compared to what is accepted? Are you involved in community service or sports? Recommendation letters and essays are also common when applying for college. Lastly, admission rates are important to consider because they are your best indication of getting into the school and if you should classify the school as a safe school or a dream school.


Opportunities and Career Services: Lastly, the reason we go to college is to get a career. Check your options for how they will help you get a job or an internship to make you more eligible for future employers.

Oct 11 2016

Homecoming Through the Eyes of a Freshman

by blogemu

EMU 96th Homecoming

Written by: By: Justin Walters


When I had come to Eastern for First Four Orientation, I could remember almost every upperclassman saying “Whatever you do, don’t miss homecoming week!” And they sure were right! A college homecoming week compared to a high school homecoming week is something out of this world. Everything from the Green and White Ball to the Pep Rally and every event in between was so amazing. Seeing how involved campus was with every event made you feel like homecoming was more than just a few things going on around campus, it brought us together as a community. At every event, you could make new friends and meet new people (if you’re like me you could also eat a ton of food).


The entire homecoming series of events led up to the homecoming game. The whole campus was full of life and the game was extremely lively. Overall homecoming was an amazing success in my eyes and I look forward to seeing what the next 3 years of homecoming have to offer.

Sep 29 2016

Top Five Places To Get Coffee Around Campus!

by blogemu

national coffee day

Most college students obsess over hot, foamy, creamy coffee that helps them survive morning classes, and makes them look just a little cooler with a cup in their hand. I fell into the “coffee lover” at the early age of 8. My grandma thought it was fun to slip me a cup of black coffee. It was always straight, black coffee because “it’s not real coffee unless it’s black.”


So for coffee lovers like myself, and desperate college students trying to get a caffeine fill, where are the best places in Ypsi to get coffee? We asked, and you answered! The top five places are Sweetwaters, Starbucks at the Student Center, Cultivate Coffee & Taphouse, the Ugly Mug, and Biggby. All have AMAZING coffee!



Honestly, I did not know what Sweetwaters was until I moved to Ypsi. I love that it is conveniently located on Cross St. and has the nicest staff. Every time I walk in, one of the baristas greets me with a smile on their face and kindly asks what I would like. They hand me my coffee, with a cute leaf decal in my foam, and I am overjoyed by the smell and taste of my coffee. Sweetwaters is a tremendous choice if you are looking for great coffee and company!



Having Starbucks on campus is absolutely wonderful! Just a quick trip to the Student Center, and I can get a grande cup of coffee that will warm my body, and my heart. I think my favorite part about Starbucks is when they ask your name for your cup, and when they hand you your drink, you are surprised to see that your name is spelled wrong. To me, it is so fun. I like snapping a picture and showing my friends the odd way my name was spelled, and also rub it in their face that I got Starbucks.


Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse

Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse Cultivate is the bomb! For those who do not know, Cultivate is a non-profit organization that gives all of their profits, tips, and donations towards hunger relief. So cool! So I am getting a delicious cup of coffee, and making a small difference in the world? Yes, please. The volunteers at Cultivate love what they do, and you can tell! The atmosphere is so welcoming, friendly, and full of life. If you’re looking for excellent coffee, a place study or hang out, and wonderful people, Cultivate is the place!


The Ugly Mug

The name completely describes the coffee shop! No, it’s not full of ugly mugs, but it is full of art, and college students looking for the perfect study spot. Located down the street from campus, The Ugly Mug provides an artsy, funky place to drink yummy coffee, and chat with your friends. You can get light roast coffee, or dark roast and they both are so good! One of the best things about The Ugly Mug is that you can buy coffee beans, and make your own at home! It is very convenient.



I am pretty sure that the workers at Biggby have caffeine pumping through their veins during their shifts! Everyone is so cheerful, nice, and accepting. They pressure you into getting an extra shot of espresso every time, but you don’t even realize it! You just want to be as happy as them so yes, bring on the espresso! It’s not located too far off of campus, so it is a simple trip, with a satisfying reward!


For all of the coffee lovers on campus, go out and explore the many coffee options that Ypsilanti has to offer! Wherever you choose, you will be happy to find great coffee and company!