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Jul 26 2016

If I only knew…

by blogemu

Now that I am done with my freshman year, I think back in time and I realize that I’ve learned many things that would’ve been useful for me to know if I had only known them since the very first day I started College. I think most of us come to College thinking that our freshman year is going to be the easiest one, we don’t worry too much about getting involved on campus, or thinking seriously about our majors, or simply knowing what resources are available on campus and how can we use them. Here are a few things I learned about that will hopefully help you during your time here at EMU!


Professor’s Office Hours:
Professors have office hours for a reason; it’s very useful to go and see them. They can help you go over lecture notes, and help you find the right path for achieving your career goals. They can help you network, find internships, find easier methods to study for exams and the best part, they are super available for students! Even if their office hours don’t work for you, they can still be reached via e-mail or some might be willing to find another time to meet with you.
Disability Resource Center: They have a lot of useful tools and staff to help you with any kind of learning/physical difficulty you may have.
Counseling And Psychological Services: They are available to all students year round. They are very nice and willing to help in any way that they can. They tackle issues with anxiety, depression, or anything that is bothering you. This kind of help is very useful, especially when one is away from home and experiencing new things such as the first year of college!
EMU Calendars and Event: There are a lot of fun events going on daily around campus. You will never be bored if you check out this calendar!
FREE Group training sessions at the Rec/IM: There are all kinds of classes, such as Zumba, HIT training, Crossfit, yoga, spinning, kickboxing and more! I got to know that I could go to these ones for free until the end of the second semester. I really wish I could have known about this during the first semester.
If I only knew all these things, I would’ve enjoyed my freshman year even more than I did! Hopefully, they help you to take advantage of your time on campus!
Written by: Maria Paula Perdomo Garcia – EMU International Student

Jun 28 2016

Cultivating a Professional Image in the Digital Age

by blogemu

Back 2 Business Series – Written by Cassandra Helmer


There is a common saying that we have all heard before diving into a new situation: first impressions matter. So, as students entering the “real world” as professionals, many for the very first time, we shine our shoes, practice a firm handshake, and go into interviews with a winning smile. There is nothing to be nervous about, right? Except for the fact that your future employer has already pulled up your Facebook page and is scrolling through images you now wish had never seen the light of day.
It can happen to the best of us, really. In this age of selfies, everyday updates, and immediate posting, it is easy to forget how the things we love to post on sites like Instagram and Twitter can affect how we are perceived in a professional setting. Many companies require their employees to maintain an image that complies with how the company wishes to be perceived in the public sphere. This varies based on company culture and title, but like it or not, our digital footprints are a first impression of who we are (inside and outside of the office). No one wants to miss out on a job opportunity because an employer disapproves of their social media account. As the online world becomes even more integrated with our day-to-day lives, digital platforms will continue to be powerful tools for networking and creating opportunities. And so, in a professional setting, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.
If you are ready to take control of your professional image online, read on for some helpful tips.

  1. If you are unsure, ask a trusted professional. It never hurts to get a second opinion. Ask someone trustworthy, who has your career goals at heart, if a photo or tweet seems appropriate for the type of image you are trying to convey within your workplace. Is this something that you really want anyone to be able to see, or would it be better shared with a select group in person or through a private channel? If you can imagine having a negative conversation with your boss about a post you have made, one that may impact your position, take a moment to reconsider.
  2. Think about the image of your ideal job. What kind of personal activities and attitude does your dream company expect from its employees? Are you active in your community? Well-traveled? Attending business conferences? Make sure your digital self reflects the best parts of you even after you clock out. It can sometimes be difficult to imagine where you will end up, career-wise, down the road. However, if you are careful with your digital presence as a professional in the present, you will have nothing to worry about in the future.
  3.  Maybe you are currently working at a job and not worried about making first impressions anymore. Nevertheless, this is no time to slack off. Posts containing such things as co-worker rumors, private workplace information, or a Snapchat posted from the boss’s chair on lunch break do not belong on social media. It may seem like a joke at the time, but it could land you in serious trouble if the wrong person (or Human Resources) sees it.

These tips and a responsible attitude toward social media can aid you in taking charge of your digital presence so that you can be sure you are making a great first impression before you even walk in the door.
Cassandra Helmer is a student assistant in the College of Business Office of Academic Services. An English major in her senior year, Cassandra is a member of EMU Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team and holds a position within Alpha Sigma Tau sorority.

Jun 20 2016

Summer on Campus

by blogemu

Summer at EMU

Once I finished my second semester, I really didn’t know what to do during the summer. I’m an international student, so I was staying on campus and not going home. Come to find out, campus has a lot to offer during the summer break.


It turned out I could get a summer job on campus. It was a whole new experience for me. Instead of going to classes I spent time working at different locations on campus. Thanks to this I got to know a lot more about the different departments that Eastern has. For example, I didn’t know that EMU had its own childcare place, or that the housing department was still busy in the summer attending different conferences coming to campus.
I was very happy because the Student Center and even the Rec/IM was still open! Even though it is summer, there are a lot of things that students like me can do.
My favorite part of all of this is that I get to see campus when it’s warm and sunny, in contrast to the winter weather I was used to. Now it’s the perfect weather to go for walks around campus. I even went on a 10 mile bike ride because I feel I should do as many outdoor activities as I can. There are also a lot of nice cafes and restaurants in the city I can go to.
It really has been a good experience to be able to spend my summer at Eastern Michigan University!
Written by: Maria Paula Perdomo Garcia – EMU International Student