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Nov 04 2015

A Day In The Life of Representative David Rutledge

by blogemu

On October 21st, 2015, the Honors College gave me the opportunity to travel to Lansing to shadow state Representative David Rutledge, who represents most of Superior and Ypsilanti Townships in the Michigan State House of Representatives. I applied for the “A Day in The Life” competition because I’m studying political science, so any opportunity to get near the legislative process is intriguing to me. I was ecstatic when I found out that I won the contest, and the day ended up being more than I could have asked for.

When we arrived in Lansing on Wednesday morning, the first thing I got to do was sit down with Representative Rutledge and get to know him a little better— he told me all about where he grew up, how he got to where he is, and the things that are important to him. He even explained some very personal items of his hanging around his office— an Eastern Michigan football helmet, a photo of his mother, a drawing of Thurgood Marshall. This was an awesome way to start the morning, because I didn’t know much about who I was going to be shadowing all day. I learned quickly that he was very down to earth, and passionate about representing our district and the people he knows and loves.

Next, I got to sit in on a meeting of the Local Government committee, a body that Representative Rutledge has a seat on. This part of the day was particularly interesting— the committee functioned like a Town Hall or Student Government meeting, with the chair taking speakers from the community on potential bills to come before the house. During the session I got to see, they happened to be discussing legislation addressing attrition rates in the Detroit Police Department. Several representatives from the Detroit Police Department came to the meeting to speak, and I got to watch the debate.

My favorite part of the day was the only moment of downtime we had on the entire trip: Representative Rutledge had just announced me to the Full House, and then we sat down at his desk together waiting for the session to begin. I got to observe the scattered commotion of legislature right from where it all begins— I pointed at different people and different things happening in the room, and the Representative patiently explained any and every question I had — he even gave me his Bill Analysis and Fact Sheet that one of his staff members made him for the previous session as a souvenir.

Overall, the day was an amazing learning experience. Walking into the house chambers and watching it all play out reminded me of why I wanted to get into politics and political science in the first place— it reminded me of the passion I have for it, and Representative Rutledge encouraged me to enhance that passion, to hone my skills and to develop my knowledge. Ultimately, he taught me to work hard and stay true to your roots, and amazing things will present themselves to you.

Written by: Meaghan Lynch

Oct 25 2015


by blogemu

EMU wants to reward students for talking about higher education during Michigan College Application Week! We will give the winner 100 PIZZAS delivered directly to your high school!


Here is what you have to do:

  1. Follow @EMU_Swoop on Twitter and ‘like’ EMU on Facebook
  2. Students, staff and alumni retweet (Twitter) or vote (Facebook) for your school.
  3. Tweets and the Facebook poll will go up on Oct. 25th at 1pm.
  4. The winner will be announced on social media Saturday, October 31 at 10 a.m. and through email. EMU representatives with Swoop, cheer and dance teams will deliver pizzas on a mutually agreed date.

Questions? Please call University Marketing at 734.487.2483.

Sep 15 2015

Scavify Homecoming Scavenger Hunt Rules

by blogemu

Welcome to the EMU photo scavenger hunt! We have a list of over 50 tasks for you to complete before, during and after the homecoming football game Saturday, October 10th. The tasks are a mix of participation in campus homecoming events and showing your EMU spirit. There are tasks to do on campus, at home, and even during your commute. Grab your smart phone and get ready to snap some photos.


There will be levels of points each team will need to reach in order to receive prizes. (breakdowns are below). The team who has the most points at the end of the week will win the grand prize. The more tasks completed, the more points you will get!


Here is a list of rules to qualify for our prize packs.:



  1. Download the Scavify app. You will have to create a log-in and create a unique username. You can work in teams of up to four people, but only one username is to be used for each team.

  2. Once you have the app downloaded and have picked your team username, please register your team here: You will include team member names, email addresses and user name. (This way we can notify you about your prizes) Have this information ready when you open the form. If this is not done you will be disqualified from winning the grand prize.

  3. Search for “EMU Code Green” within the Scavify app. Note that this will not be available until the first day of the hunt (Sunday Oct. 4 at 8am)

  4. Start Hunting!


  • You must post at least once a day in order to be in the running for a prize. If you are not participating, your team will be removed from the scavenger hunt.

  • Teams cannot have more than four people.

  • Not all team members need to be in every photo, but only one user name will be counted per team.

  • Any posts that violate the EMU Student Code of Conduct will be removed and your team will be disqualified.


  • 30 Points: EMU Water Bottle

  • 50 Points: EMU Mug

  • 100 Points: EMU Baseball Hat

  • 200 Points: EMU Crewneck or Hooded Sweatshirt


Note: In case of a tie, there will be a tiebreaker photo. The most creative team, chosen by the EMU Marketing Department, will win.


Questions? Comment below or email

Happy Hunting!